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January 27, 2014

Compost Tea Brewer

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sunflower 011
Howdy folks,
I took a few months off from the blog, YouTube and forums to work in the garden and to continue my experiments with compost tea. It turned out to be an amazing growing season. Now i’m back to ready to report on it and get back to talking about Systems, Symbiosis and the Forest Goddess.
Here in southern New Mexico our decades long drought eased up with more than twice as much rain as the year before.
Welcome to the show. Today we are working with some of the same micro organisms that inhabit the microbial mat of the forest floor and our compost pile. We are building a Vortex Flow Compost Tea Brewer.

Vortex Flow Compost Tea Brewer

Building Vortex Flow Compost Tea Brewer on a budget. About the best thing you can feed your plants is compost tea.



January 26, 2014

Yeah, i’m Back

Thanks to you thousands of folks who stopped by even though i didn’t post, but once all year. 2013 was a year for action and not much talk. I spent my time in the garden and various projects including building a Vortex Compost Tea Brewer. Got a video in the works on that subject.

By far the most interest over the year was for holographic subjects. Everybody wants it to boil down to one thing… it is a gravity/mass Universe, or it is an electric, magnetic, quantum, holographic, fractal, virtual, spritual or an information processing Universe. It is all of these things. You can’t stop with an Electric Universe. Sure it’s electric, but what are all those electrons doing? They are involved in a process, a quantum one that processes  matter as if it were pure information. It uses quantum fields that exhibit some of the same characteristics as holographic or coherent fields do in the lab. This is intelligence in the raw. This process makes intelligent choices at every level.

Consciousness, gravity and entropy are not things, but the result of a PROCESS!

Mo’ later,


Manifesting the Mystic Morphic Field

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That’s what i’m talkin’ ’bout! The material Universe is the output of a PROCESS. Informational Fields manage that process. Rupert Sheldrake’s Morphic Fields meets Brian Whitworth’s Virtual Reality, Seth Lloyd’s Qantum Universe, Tom Campbell’s Big TOE, and my LifeOS. The Quantum World IS the real World… This one we have described with our mainstream science and religions is the illusion. I’m finding some good stuff over at Waking Times.

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