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July 8, 2010

Onward Thru the Fog-Qat Willie

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The book is officially done! Now when i sit down at the keyboard for my limited computer session, i am in a fog. My business adviser tells me to get to work and promote this thing, but my fingers just don’t get the message and they take off on their own, flying off on some mission not even on the todo list. My eyes are distracted by the cool pics and videos my friends are posting. Can’t seem to focus on one project, especially that promotion thing. I never have been much for selling my art. When it’s done it’s history.

Self-publishing is hard work. For the last few years i have been dealing with old ideas at the expense of new ones. Not that there weren’t new things discovered in the process, there were many, but they were all within the framework of the subject at hand.

Besides, when i look at my pile of unfinished projects, promotion is buried deep. I am a writer, not a promoter. Until my various departments sort this out, i’m just gonna write. Let the fog swirl around my head and those fingers fly.

July 7, 2010

LifeOS Published!

Hey, it’s true. Way back on March 6th i said that the publishing process had begun. Well, yesterday the printer shipped the first order. I am told that it might take 6 to 8 weeks for Amazon and the others to include it their catalogs, but they will.

Ann Lowe did a fine job on the cover and interior design. It was really exciting to hold the proof in my hand. Ahhh, but this is only a beginning… somebody has to buy it! One step at a time, jim. =-)

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