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June 20, 2011

The Straight Arrow of Time

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Information Processing Loop
Of course time isn’t a straight arrow. It is curved like space. It cycles, spins, orbits, loops and otherwise always comes back on itself. If you trace time backwards in memory, it loops back becoming almost indistinguishable from the future. Put all these cycles together and they grow like a fractal until the radius is so large it appears to be a straight line. Looking at time this way makes predicting the future relatively easy.


December 14, 2010

Superwave Cycles

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Dr Paul LaViolette tells a very similar tale to what i said yesterday.

Of course he takes it a lot farther in this two hour+ video, but it is some really good info.

December 12, 2010

Foretelling the Future and the Mayan Calendar

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The Guano CycleHere’s the thing, you don’t foretell the future by traveling in time. There is really no magic to it at all. You foretell the future by understanding the past. The entire progression of time and space is made up of repeating cycles. From the smallest and fastest vibrations of energy inside the atom, to the largest galaxy, whether vibrations, life cycles or orbits, the Universe is made up of a consistent pattern of cyclical motion. Each one of those cycles can be expected to repeat with the same regularity until interrupted by some other cycle.

We use this concept all the time, for planting crops, breeding animals and paying bills. Since we know the growing cycle, the gestation period and the billing cycle, we have no trouble at all predicting when our crops will ripen, our herds will calve or bills come due. The thing we miss is that all of life runs this way, even our unnatural social, political and economic endeavors. The cyclical nature of all systems means that once you see the cycles, they can be broken down into repeating patterns just as reliable as your monthly bills.

In a cyclical system, the future is barely distinguishable from the past. Where we get screwed up is that we think that what we are doing has never happened before. We think we are evolving into some form never before seen in the Universe. Everything cycles, but us. We are somehow just going ever upward on our journey until we take over the whole show.

The first thing to learn from the Mayan Calendar is that they understood the cyclical nature of reality well enough to carve it in stone. Until we grasp this concept, we will continue to make poor decisions about the future.

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