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February 20, 2012

The Fractal Structure of Time

Cycle of TimeTime manifests as a fractal structure. The smallest unit of time is also the smallest unit of matter. Every atom has a frequency, a cyclic tone that represents one unit of time. Each cycle or unit of time takes input compares it to memory and outputs the result. This memory is not a static pattern, but is dynamic, vibrating in sync with the environmental variables. If the pattern of the input matches the pattern stored in memory, the field doesn’t react, it continues to vibrate normally, but if the input doesn’t match what is anticipated by memory, a perturbence is created in the field. Like a stone pitched in a pond, the waves spread out through the system, carrying information about the mismatch to all points. Not only is the location of the mismatch clearly stated by the arc of the wave, but the “shape” of the mismatch is carried by the shape of the wave. In this way, the whole keeps track of its units in real time.

What makes time a fractal is that this cycle of input, comparison and output is repeated throughout biological systems, regardless of scale or implementation. All cells, organs, creatures, social organizations and ecosystems, use this fundamental process to interact with their environment. The fundamental vibrations are in harmony from atoms all the way up to galaxies and beyond.

For those who want a more scientific explanation, The Fractal Topology of Time,

A dissertation defense by Kerri Welch at the California Institute of Integral Studies, Feb. 12, 2010.

February 14, 2012

Before There Were Forests

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Before there were Forests
Every handful of living topsoil contains more microorganisms than there are human beings on Earth. All those billions of creatures aren’t living isolated existences, but are organized into colonies. That is they are organized into cooperating and communicating networks that share nutrients and information.

These are the ancient ones, the oldest and most stable products of evolution. They were here first, before animals, plants or any multicellular creatures.

These microorganisms represent the primordial intelligence that learns and builds on what it knows about itself, in an organized, purposeful, goal oriented progression. And it starts right here with the tiny creatures that understand information processing, communication networks and symbiosis.

December 20, 2011

Plant Communication

Great interview! Talk to yer plants and good things happen. =-)

December 19, 2011

This Path Isn’t for Everyone

This path isn’t for everyone. There those who really fear the forest. They have been brought up to think of Nature as the enemy, to be conquered and managed. To go into the forest is an act of bravery that takes planning, special equipment and most of all, courage. The idea of a benevolent goddess of the forest is foreign or even repulsive to the western warrior mentality. If she exists, she must be fought and beaten, says the warrior. To the mainstream of this industrial/consumer society, She doesn’t exist unless She can be sold for profit. To most environmentalists she is nothing more than a convenient metaphor.

On the other hand, even for the most hard core of the survival of the fittest practitioners, the forest is the only road back. It is the forest goddess, through her plant spirit messengers, that can reconnect lost souls with their source.

December 18, 2011

Mother Tree

While i’m writing about the forest goddess this video explains the science behind Her.

December 16, 2011

More Than a Metaphor

That’s why i have brought you deep into the forest, to give you human history from a different point of view. We’ve had the history of civilization written for us by the ones who have profited from the exploitation of the Biosphere. The version i am presenting comes from my communication within this system.

I didn’t get this model of intelligent microbes from books or discussions nor did i think this up on my own. I got this view of straight from the horses mouth. I got it directly from a member of the microbial mat. It came in an intelligent exchange, sort of an interview, where i asked questions and received answers. My encounter with this plant spirit overloaded my psyche with information that spawned more questions. I have spent the last thirty plus years sorting through that information and comparing it with other sources. I have interviewed other plant spirits along the way. I’ve learned valuable lessons from living alone in forests, deserts and mountains. I have found a landscape exactly as described by magicians, mystics and indigenous cultures in general. It is from my experience probing this separate reality that i obtained this version of human history.

So, this model of “how it all works” that the plant spirits have collectively laid on me, fits very well with the latest studies in biology, genetics, adaptive complex systems, symbiosis, quantum mechanics and information processing in general. The plant spirits got it right! So, for me the forest goddess is much more than a metaphor. The physical world we live in is intelligent. The whole Universe is a communication; the story of Life being told. We are part of that story. We are built from the same story elements as all of creation. Our bodies are made from intelligent parts that all communicate with our environment. Our bodies understand the language of Life, even if our intellect doesn’t.

December 6, 2011

Uncomfortable with the Term, “Goddess”

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Some folks might be uncomfortable with the term goddess to describe the forest ecosystem. They’re afraid they might be accused of being superstitious or worse. However, terms like ecosystem or higher level complex system don’t really do it justice. In fact they fall short of describing the dynamics of communication and fundamental sentience that characterizes a living forest. The forest is the physical network while the goddess is the dynamic flow of information that drives the system.

The ancients knew that they lived in an intelligent system of communication, cooperation and memory. They personified the aspects of the system by giving them names and attributes. Science does the same thing, hanging names on invisible and even unknown objects, at will. They continue to crank out their own brand of mythology, unrelated to reality.

The mythic events the ancients recounted were meant to show relationships between invisible forces. Just as the descriptions put forth by our modern science, part of the motivation has always been to manage the behavior of the masses.

What our western civilized science has so foolishly discarded as superstitious myth is really a sophisticated description of the invisible information processing system that monitors and controls the behavior of all species, including human beings. The difference is that science shows no respect for the sentience of other living things. In our present state, nothing short of renewed reverence for Nature will get us back into the system.

December 14, 2010

Superwave Cycles

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Dr Paul LaViolette tells a very similar tale to what i said yesterday.

Of course he takes it a lot farther in this two hour+ video, but it is some really good info.

March 26, 2010

Information Processing Loops

Information Processing Loop
This same feedback diagram works for information processing in general. Whether a computer or a biological cell, the same steps are followed. Input, process and output modify matter, which is then, memory of the process.

We can see this same cycle of process repeated throughout the Natural World. For example, our perception/action cycle follows this same simple pattern. Information flows into the eye, to the brain. There it is processed and commands sent out to the hand, which interacts with the object.

We tend to focus on eye and brain action, forgetting that we are part of a loop that includes our action or behavior in the environment. Anytime there is information transferred, it is part of a loop. Just like Karma, that info is coming around again… to it’s source.

Now let’s consider that the psychedelic experience is a transfer of information. That in itself is a leap for some folks. The predominant view is that nothing happens but distortion of the senses, or chemicals in the brain. The real experts in these matters are the shamans, who say they gain information from plant spirits. So, if we admit to an intelligent universe, we just about have to consider that the shaman is right. In this respect, LifeOS agrees wholeheartedly with the shaman. Information traveling in loops, remember.
Psychedelic Symbiosis
Behavior? How has our behavior been affected by psychedelics? Yours and mine, our culture in the last 50 years? How about historically? The influence of the big four, amanita muscaria, stropharia cubensis, ergot and alcohol, in human history, cannot be denied. From a system’s point of view, they have operated as control mechanisms in human behavior. For centuries we have followed these four gods, wreaking havoc on the environment, cutting ourselves out of the feedback loops.

Now, we are listening to different plant spirits and even the messages from the old ones seem to have changed. The sooner we face up to what our plant spirits are telling us, the sooner we can get back in the loop.


March 25, 2010

Smart Feedback

On all levels, feedback manages process as part of the control mechanism that regulates activity. Within the brain, any other organ, or the whole body, activity is regulated by feedback. The same is true of all complex systems. Feedback loops maintain homeostasis.

Feedback is a term that infers that the loop is a mechanical process with no intelligence involved. The most common example, the thermostat that controls a furnace, is as dumb as a board fence. However, even a fence requires intelligence to build it. A great deal of intelligence goes into the design of thermostats. They don’t just happen out of the blue. It also takes a rudimentary intelligence to recognize the relationship between the temperature in the room and the dial on the thermostat, and set the thing.

Feedback is fundamental in biological systems. Our perception is just such a loop. In it’s simplest form, a feedback loop has a receptor, that senses the environment, a control center that processes the feedback and an effector, that performs adjustments.

“When the receptor senses a stimulus, it sends information to a control center, the component that sets the range at which a variable is maintained. The control center determines an appropriate response to the stimulus.”–Wikipedia

Feedback, loops, circular channels of information, are communication between functional elements of a complex system. Whether designed by engineers or part of a biological process, feedback loops are intelligence in action. At some point in the loop, choices are made based on input, with homeostasis as a target state. Intelligent choices are made toward an intended outcome!

Now that’s smart.

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