LifeOS: exploring the system that executes DNA

Systems, Symbiosis and the Forest Goddess

After LifeOS was published we took some time off from the computer and spent more time in the yard and on the trail. The bits and pieces that bubbled to the surface during those moving meditations have grown into a new writing project.

I didn’t get this model of intelligent microbes from books or discussions nor did i think this up on my own. I got this view straight from the horses mouth. I got it directly from a member of the microbial mat. It came in an intelligent exchange, sort of an interview, where i asked questions and received answers. My encounter with this plant spirit overloaded my psyche with information that spawned more questions. I have spent the last thirty plus years sorting through that information and comparing it with other sources. I have interviewed other plant spirits along the way. I’ve learned valuable lessons from living alone in forests, deserts and mountains. I have found a landscape exactly as described by magicians, mystics and indigenous cultures in general. It is from my experience probing this separate reality that i obtained this version of human history.

So, this model of “how it all works” that the plant spirits have collectively laid on me, fits very well with the latest studies in biology, genetics, adaptive complex systems, symbiosis, quantum mechanics and information processing in general. The plant spirits got it right! So, for me the forest goddess is much more than a metaphor. The physical world we live in is intelligent. The whole Universe is a communication; the story of Life being told. We are part of that story. We are built from the same story elements as all of creation. Our bodies are made from intelligent parts that all communicate with our environment. Our bodies understand the language of Life, even if our intellect doesn’t.

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  1. Very remarkable. I see our humanity as being plugged-in to the infinite intelligence, as I call it, and that our conceptual thinking is like a double-edged sword: it can limit us as well as give us wings. So we need to leave all concepts aside regularly, in order to enter into direct and deeper understanding of and communion with Life. Then we use concepts that allow us to enter into relationship with each other and share our joint “innerstanding”.

    Comment by heartflow2012 — November 19, 2012 @ 8:32 pm

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