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February 7, 2014

1st Radio Interview

Back to the Garden InterviewDid our first radio interview yesterday. It was on Jean Eisenhower’s “Back to the Garden” show on GMCR, KURU 89.1 Silver City Community Radio. Was fun.


For you locals the show will be rebroadcast Saturday morning, Feb 8, 2014 at 10:30.

We are talking about the Vortex Flow Compost Tea Brewer and it’s benefits. I forgot to mention that there is a 7 minute video that show how it was built and what it looks like in action, but then you regulars know that.
kuru_back-garden_jimJean at the mike
It was really great to be part of this new community radio station. Jean’s show was the first live show on KURU. She interviews local gardeners every Thursday at 4:30. A half an hour was barely enough to hit the highlights of compost tea and it’s benefits. I’m hoping to get back on the show to talk more about microorganisms in general and how important they are to the food we eat.
Anyway, checkout this new community radio station, on the air or online. Gila/Mimbres Community Radio, 89.1.

Ever get tired of the consciousness smokescreen?

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Captain Self

You know, the thousands of articles, blogs and videos trying keep consciousness confined to the human brain. There are thousands of incidents of human consciousness bragging on how wonderful is the human brain as if somehow they could take credit for it. What an ego trip, human consciousness defining itself as the most wonderful and complex thing in the Universe, the very pinnacle of the evolutionary process. If western man is the pinnacle of anything it is arrogance.
If you have not decided for yourself that consciousness exists beyond your brain, and/or waiting for “science” to verify that it does, you might as well move on; you probably won’t be happy here. This is for folks who already KNOW from their own experience the mind extends beyond the bony brain case. Recent events have shown that science has been stonewalling on this issue since forever.
The recent censorship at Ted talks and Wikipedia of Rupert Sheldrake’s bonified scientific research shows the bias of the mainstream materialistic world view. The experts readily admit that they have no working definition of consciousness and yet they offer classes and even degrees in its study. They claim the high ground as the authorities  on the subject in spite of their admitted ignorance. They long ago committed to proving that consciousness is produced by the human brain and exists nowhere else, hence the smokescreen.
In the first place, it is the human subconscious that does all the heavy lifting. It isn’t the conscious mind that retrieves and sorts memories into a coherent display. It isn’t the conscious mind that combines the input from countless sensory organs into real time experience. It isn’t the conscious mind that makes decisions. Research shows that the subconscious makes our decisions before the conscious mind is aware of them.
In fact the conscious mind takes up very little of the processing power of that brain and even less of the activity of the total nervous system. That which is below the level of conscious thought is carrying on an incredibly complex list of activities that show all the attributes of intelligence.
What we call consciousness is the result of larger system process that includes the subconscious, all our senses and a system of memory and retrieval.
Consciousness wasn’t something we invented, it was/is presented to us, the output of a complex system of sensors and interpreters, that delivers to us a coherent, real time experience. It is our whole nervous system that cooperates to produce “experience”.
Behind the scenes it remembers past experience and compares it to incoming information to plan future growth. This entire system grows with the body, reflecting its interaction with the environment. Its development reflects how it is used.  Single cells behave in the same way, growing and learning through interaction with their environment.
Following this line of thinking, the chemistry and structure of the body and brain is the result of environmental interaction(consciousness) not the cause of it.



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