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August 9, 2012

Plant Spirit Communication: Immunity Is Not Resistance

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These two posts go together, huh?

Garden with Nature

I attended a workshop back in early July on Plant Spirit Communication taught by Heather Luna Keasby, owner of the Nevada City Herb and Tea Company.  It was a wonderful adventure because of Heather’s firm grounding in both clinical herbalism and shamanic plant traditions.  The blending of science and spirit helped me to return home more certain than ever that I am not making this stuff up – or if I am, it’s just because that’s the nature and process of reality in a quantum universe.

During the workshop, everyone spent some individual time connecting with the same plant species.  We would then gather and compare notes.  While no two people had the same experience, it was fun to see the themes that would start to emerge.  With Self-Heal, for example, words such as “beehive”, “community”, and “balance” were often used as different participants described their experience with the plant…

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Consciousness Confirmed in Non-Human Animals

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You may confirm this for yourself.. just listen.


This is very exciting news: experts and scientists admit non-human consciousness exists and signed a declaration publicly proclaimed in Cambridge, UK, on July 7, 2012. I only learned about it today – has it been reported in the mainstream media?

In short, it means that now it is official: they reached a unanimous decision that humans are not the only conscious beings in the universe, and animals – specifically mammals and birds, but also insects and mollusks – have same brain-mind functions develop a striking case of parallel evolution of consciousness, with similar states of attentiveness, sleep and decision making.

The implications of this finding are huge – and may change for good the way we relate to animals. It is hight time we develop a more respectful and less exploitive relationship with our fellows in evolution.

Check the videos of the conference out: and the full text of

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