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July 1, 2014

From Eden to Hell and Back

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How does a shy forest floor vegetarian turn into a mighty hunter, scourge of the savannah? Could it have been the tasting of that forbidden fruit? You know, the one with the knowledge of good and evil? Should we ask the serpent? Or maybe we just ask Alice?

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In the last episode i said that the battle between science and religion was staged. It is like politics, once you get above the bickering parties you find the same interests controlling all sides through their family connections, political contributions and outright bribes. Elections are a complete farce. The winning candidate is always under someone’s thumb. Politics is a dirty business wherein the scum rises to the top. Our elected officials are generally the most convincing liars. Enough, already! What does politics have to do with our subject? Well, everything really is connected and a little farther down the road you will be able to see the connection quite clearly, i think.

This is episode four and i still haven’t defined what i’m calling the Forest Goddess. I did point out in episode one, that She is all about communication and that our goosebumps show that our subconscious understands Her language.

I call her a She, because She nurtures, like a womb. However, the Forest Goddess is not a single entity, or even a thing; She is a process. She is action, a flow of purposeful energy, building, supplying and maintaining an extraordinarily efficient community. The forest intends to continue the process of building more forest.

This is a network of entities that pass information back and forth, or round and round, actually. It is like our internet, not just the physical network, but the intelligent nodes that sit at every keyboard and all our other communications methods, like snail mail, art, music and face to face, as well. Every cell in the forest is an intelligent node, that is connected to every other cell, by a nearly infinite web of flowing information. These nodes communicate, sharing events and making choices.

On one level all things are connected in real time. This is the Primary Perception discovered by Cleve Backster, and his experiments dumping brine shrimp into boiling water and recording plant reactions. Trauma disturbs the local field which reverberates throughout the system. This wave triggers feedback, both local and non-local that carries corrective action. As an example we can look at John Cairn’s experiments with lactose intolerant strains of e. coli. Normally e. coli can handle lactose just fine, but this strain had a defective gene, preventing assimilation. He put them in petri dishes with nothing but lactose to eat. They faltered at first, but soon began feeding on the lactose. The bacteria had repaired their own DNA. They had done so without reproduction or any kind of random mutation. The starving cells agitated the system, requesting a solution to their dilemma. They certainly had some sort of interaction with the lactose, trying different modifications of their own genes until they solved the problem.

Bruce Lipton’s experiments with stem cells show the same kind of response to the environment. He put stem cells in a petri dish with calcium and the stem cells made bone. He put them in protein and they became muscle.

The point here is that evolution is not confined to reproduction, natural selection and/or random mutation, it takes place in real time. Adaptation to the environment is fundamental to cellular activity. Do you have any idea how this changes evolutionary theory?

Psychic Cells Communicate across Physical Barrier
Mainstream science wants to pretend that these experiments have never taken place, but more and more evidence proves that communication is fundamental and not a human invention.

This is the spirit world described by shamans from around the world from every indigenous culture. These folks are the experts on consciousness and access to the spirit world. The descriptions of what it is and how it works are consistent around the globe and throughout history. During that same time frame science as changed it’s mind on just about every subject imaginable, several times. Whose got the staying power here?

Science admits it’s ignorance in these matters while giving out degrees in both consciousness and shamanic studies. They claim the  high ground, making themselves out as authorities in fields they admittedly know nothing about. Scientists seem to be blind to such blatant arrogance. I guess that is what makes Sheldon Cooper such a funny character.

What is the spirit world? You know exactly what it is, you deal with it all the time. Your consciousness is your personal slice of the spirit world. Images and thoughts about the physical world.

It is where objects are no longer solid, but virtual representations that you can play with. It is your own virtual reality where you and your imagination can modify and test ideas, concepts and plans before applying them in real life. It is a world of pure information.

That’s what the spirit world is, pure information about the physical. Consciousness is your account in this universal communications network. It is what we use to interface with both the physical and spirit worlds. It is like a database archive and live feed of flowing information that you can access.

Don’t believe it? Okay by me. Not everyone is meant to get this. In fact, throughout most of history, passing this information around could get you killed. I wouldn’t want to get you in trouble.

The reason science doesn’t want you to know about the spirit world is that they have replaced it as your guidance system. In the forest system our ancestors were guided by the plants they ate, by way of internal communications. Today it is our culture that guides us, with external communications.

You don’t talk to the Forest Goddess, like you can’t talk to the internet. However, there are many entities that make use of the Forest Goddess network for communication. Some of them will be glad to talk to you.

Most plants speak softly, and then mostly to your subconscious and the microbes in your gut. However there are plants that blast your senses with foreign forms, sounds and colors. Hallucinations, science calls them, but the shaman knows them as powerful plant spirits.

These plant spirits are for real. Hallucinations are awe inspiring for a reason. For those of you who don’t know the basics of brainwashing, this system goes as follows:

1    Move subject to new environment.
2   Prevent subject from using habitual routines.
3   Introduce trauma and/or stress.
4   Require the performance of new routines related to the desired behavior.

This routine has been used effectively to re-program ordinary citizens into soldiers for centuries. The success of this kind of brainwashing is extremely high. Even as influential as post hypnotic suggestion appears to be in behavior modification, it seems difficult to get someone to do something against their will, like murder. However, citizen soldiers have been murdering by the millions, like zombies. The system works.

Another example of a technique that seems to have been invented by human beings, when in reality these plant spirits have been using this process all along. Seems obvious to me that our ancestors learned brainwashing from them.

1st the hallucinations take the subject to a new environment.
2nd the subject is immobilized
3rd the subject is threatened with death or worse
4th the subject is given duties to perform

This simple four step process is the hallmark of initiations, religious services and modern advertising.

We have a bright red mushroom growing under a towering conifer. The mushroom is the fruit of a fungus that is bound to the root of the tree and furnishes its nutrition. Along comes one of our ancestors who gobbles up this powerful fruit. Within a few minutes he starts feelng funny. Not funny ha ha, but funny peculiar. In the next few hours our hapless human will be transported to hell and back. The fungus puts the human through a hyper brainwashing session, pushing all of the buttons that set up a loyal symbiotic partner. Claiming to be an all powerful god who can bestow fame and fortune on his subjects, the fungus dazzles the newbie with views of far away places and future events. The subject thinks he or she has died and gone to heaven. This fantastic world awaits after death, but the option is given to return to the world of the living a help others gain this wonderful knowledge. Almost everyone agrees to come back to help others.

When the effect wears off, the subject is left a simple directive: tell the world about the experience. In other words, preach the gospel. Oh yeah, and come back and eat some more.

Of course, the subject returns to eat some more. Maybe not as much as the first time. As the relationship progresses, the human finds that the information given by this god checks out. This god teaches things, like how to build fire, make tools and hunt.

As i mentioned before, the forest already has a directive in place to go out and bring back energy. Like the fungus raised by leaf cutter ants, this fungus sent out its partners to find food and bring it back to eat. Whereas the ants bring the food back to the nest, the amanita calls for the food to be brought back as offering to the tree. This is the very beginning of the concept of animal sacrifice and the alter. The humans brought the animal to the tree where it was slaughtered. The blood soaked into the ground, fed the fungus and the tree, while the humans were fed by the carcass. This was the first god and the beginning of religion.

There are several concepts and behaviors we can trace back to this symbiotic relationship. One is social organization. Just as the Lepiotaceae fungus did with the leaf cutters, the amanita organized their humans into a strict hierarchical caste system, with royalty, servants, workers and soldiers.

Besides the “go out, find food and bring it home” routine, the other primary motivation is to seek heaven, paradise in the stars. This works with the hierarchy to keep us climbing up, to get higher than the competition, to seek the penthouse suite. Such social climbing is still very much with us today. And so is the more concrete expression of seeking heaven, space exploration.

You can see what i’m describing here is a very clever deceit carried out by a very intelligent entity. Most folks are never going to believe that fungi are intelligent. That just shows how effective their scam has been. I can guarantee that fungi are intelligent and fully capable of conning humans into self destructive action. I can tell you how to prove it to yourself, beyond a shadow of a doubt. However, the proof is not without its own inherent risk, so i don’t pass this info out to just anybody.

There are some other behaviors encouraged by the amanita that seem counter productive at first. The first is the aforementioned use of fire. Fire is the enemy of the forest, especially one already shrinking. Another behavior, that seems destined to cut off the tribe from the forest, is the act of cutting down these sacred trees for lodge poles, yule logs and such.

And so began the destruction of the forests that we see still going on today. It was just a matter of time until these forest primates forced themselves out onto the savannah. As these humans cut down, burned and otherwise abused their forest home, they also cut down their access to their god. Without host trees, the amanita doesn’t fruit. So very early in this relationship, the concept of god became an abstract idea rather than a real experience.

So we have a branching point. Tribes are forced into new territory, in competition with other tribes in the same fix. There are two scenarios that the tribe can take. They can build themselves a forest-like permanent shelter, so they can continue to bring food to a home, or they can follow the herds of game animals, dragging their home along with them.

That’s going to do it for today. Next time i’ll talk about these two tribal branches and how they separated and recombined into nomads and city states.

June 24, 2014

Psychic Cells Communicate across Physical Barrier

Cells communicate through wireless connections! This is what i’m talking about. Psychic communication is fundamental to biology!!!
mae-Wan Ho Comment left 23rd June 2014 18:06:35
“Hi Jens, Thank you for reminding me. It was Fritz Popp and his colleagues who have done the experiment you mentioned. I have done other related work with Fritz who discovered biophotons. But Alexander Gurwitsch was really the first to show communication between cells by UV light. I have no doubt that molecules, cells, and organisms could use the entire em spectrum” Regards, maewan

February 14, 2012

Before There Were Forests

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Before there were Forests
Every handful of living topsoil contains more microorganisms than there are human beings on Earth. All those billions of creatures aren’t living isolated existences, but are organized into colonies. That is they are organized into cooperating and communicating networks that share nutrients and information.

These are the ancient ones, the oldest and most stable products of evolution. They were here first, before animals, plants or any multicellular creatures.

These microorganisms represent the primordial intelligence that learns and builds on what it knows about itself, in an organized, purposeful, goal oriented progression. And it starts right here with the tiny creatures that understand information processing, communication networks and symbiosis.

January 30, 2012

What to expect

This presentation is based a couple of concepts at odds with some of the basic assumptions of science and religion. The first is that the biosphere as an intelligent entity. What makes it intelligent is that it communicates. The system intakes, processes and distributes information to and from all agents within its system. That relates to the second concept, that evolution is not a random process, but one controlled by intelligent, goal oriented communication.

Once you accept that you and i are agents within an intelligent system, new explanations for the life’s anomalous occurrences present themselves. Once you start to explore those anomalies, armed with this new perspective, a very different picture of human history emerges. It is also a liberating experience to find out that we can communicate with other entities within the system.

What do psychedelic aliens have to do with forests anyway, you may ask? Seems like too many unrelated subjects are being included. Well, you have heard it before, everything is connected to everything else. Herein i will show that it is not merely a romantic metaphor as some would like you to believe, but an overriding property of reality. Exploring the connections between religion, psychedelics, symbiosis in complex adaptive systems and alien encounters, can lead to some interesting revelations.

Besides, we now know for sure that space travel is possible, by both man made vehicles and spores carried by the solar winds, therefore we all may be aliens.

Just as science needs a unified theory to bring together its many disciplines, the rest of us need a unified theory of reality. This one works for me.

Throughout there will be tips on how to expand your natural communication skills. I will give you exercises that you can use to verify my conclusions.

January 29, 2012

Life is Communication

System, Symbiosis and the Forest GoddessWhen we combine the findings in the field of biology with general systems theory we find an unexpected mathematical synchronicity. The formulas that govern the formation of networks in complex systems are the same for the growth of biological systems and our beloved internet. The blood flowing through your veins is following the same fractal power laws as your email. It has taken the smartest people on the planet decades of study, trial and error to figure out how to run a truly complex communications network, but these laws governing the efficient transfer of information have been in use in biological systems all along.

In short, biological systems are constructed as if they are meant to be communication networks. Everything from tree trunks, roots, branches, leaves to coastlines and watersheds is built as if for the transfer information. Some coincidence. If we honor this evidence and look at biological systems as if they function primarily as information processors, a whole new model of reality begins to take shape.

When we look at matter as information stored in physical form, like memory in a computer, the network like construction of biological systems makes perfect sense. Biological systems process and transfer matter/information with great efficiency.

Matter as information is more than bits, it is more dynamic than that, more like strings of bits that have coherence. The information of reality is organized in the form of stories. The physical world is current state of all of the stories being told. Stories aren’t random, but unfold in very predictable ways. Stories follow rules, laws of communication that run through all living systems.

Within this new model many of the claims of the ancients take on new significance, many of the anomalies uncovered by science disappear and a pathway to a truly sustainable future reveals itself. This is the real significance of the Information Age. It is not only that we have learned to use these formulas to build our networks, but that we have found the best model for reality we have yet discovered, and it is virtual.

December 20, 2011

Plant Communication

Great interview! Talk to yer plants and good things happen. =-)

December 19, 2011

This Path Isn’t for Everyone

This path isn’t for everyone. There those who really fear the forest. They have been brought up to think of Nature as the enemy, to be conquered and managed. To go into the forest is an act of bravery that takes planning, special equipment and most of all, courage. The idea of a benevolent goddess of the forest is foreign or even repulsive to the western warrior mentality. If she exists, she must be fought and beaten, says the warrior. To the mainstream of this industrial/consumer society, She doesn’t exist unless She can be sold for profit. To most environmentalists she is nothing more than a convenient metaphor.

On the other hand, even for the most hard core of the survival of the fittest practitioners, the forest is the only road back. It is the forest goddess, through her plant spirit messengers, that can reconnect lost souls with their source.

December 18, 2011

Mother Tree

While i’m writing about the forest goddess this video explains the science behind Her.

December 5, 2011

Biological Eden

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We have intruded on the forest system, causing a stir, so we look for a place to sit and let the murmur of alarm die down.

Here we find a good spot, beneath one of the oldest trees, one with the many rings of memory, a large network connecting Sky and Earth, many symbiotic partners, many descendants and thus a main communications hub in this local expression of the Forest Goddess System.

Slowly the sounds change as some creatures forget we are here. Others aren’t alarmed as long as we remain still. Listen to the sounds, creatures large and small singing their songs, shouting their location, crying the news of their neighborhood. Close your eyes and let the sounds wash over you in waves of meaning. “Here I am, Life is good, Let’s get it on”, repeated over and over, in countless forest dialects.

And everybody is listening as well. One creature’s mating call sounds the dinner bell for another. This wall of sound is just one level of the communication going on in the forest. And we humans can hear only a very narrow band of sound vibrations at that.

Then take color. Here is a totally different spectrum of communication. Color has meaning by itself; it is used for identification, signaling ripeness, time for mating and other environmental cues. Another instance of only a narrow band of vibrations being available to our consciousness. The communications continue up and down the scale in wave lengths invisible to us.

The air around us is filled with molecules of fragrance and stench, pheromones attracting and repelling. On every level the forest is a sea of information woven into a tapestry of meaning: alerting, selecting, advertising, camouflaging, promising and deceiving.

On the microscopic level, every cell of every life form communicates with the cells around it. They respond to messages brought to them by hormones through blood streams, electric impulses from nerves and by way of their wireless connections. All input is compared to its history. Every action is remembered, every failure flagged, every success reinforced. That’s going on at the cellular level in all living things. The process is reflected in behavior at the creature level as well. Every physical entity within an ecosystem compares their input to their history and remembers their successes and failures. So do the symbiotic relationships.

Our brain works the very same way. Our neurons communicate with other neurons, respond to neurotransmitters and fire in waves that we interpret as experience. Communication is a fundamental aspect of living things.

Because language seems to set us apart from the animal world, we have concluded that it is only the advanced human brain that can create and communicate information. That’s our claim to fame as intelligent beings, we communicate. However, its is intelligent communication that makes all living systems alive. Communication is fundamental to biological systems.

Besides the communication networks we can see and hear all around us, there are more. Beneath our feet the soil is laced with bacterial and fungal growth intertwined into a multilevel communications network. This thick mat of interwoven microbial fibers interconnects trillions, upon trillions of nodes, in a complex network of neuron-like connections. Modern science claims that plants do not have a nervous system because they can’t find anything that looks like one. If what it looks like is to be our criteria, then we must consider the possibility that this bacterial/fungal mat acts like the nervous system for the forest.

Recent experiments have shown that this underground network passes information throughout the forest. What could the microbial underground have to talk about? For one, when a tree is attacked by a species of beetle, neighboring trees begin taking protective measures, secreting substances that repel the pest. Another example, if you were to die here in the forest, this CSI team would take you apart cell by cell, and report to the system exactly what you are made of.

In fact, the information gathered by every living thing in the forest eventually ends up being deconstructed by the microbes dominating the forest floor and soil beneath. When there is a fatality or someone defecates, it is the microbes who dismantle the fallen and investigate the internal information stored in their tissue and memory. When we plot the feedback loops active in the forest system we find they all cycle back through this microbial mat.

For example, one loop begins with water and nutrients being provided to the roots of a tree by the microbial mat. This mat is the combined growth of fungi and bacteria that services the roots of all plants

The tree pumps the solution up to the leaves where photosynthesis occurs. Light energy is used to make sugars which are transported to building sites, where growth takes place. The leaves eventually die and fall to the ground where they are disassembled by the fungal mat, completing one loop. Some of the sugars are used to entice and feed pollinators, while still more sugars are used to build fruit and seed. The fruit entices and feeds the seed distributors. All of this activity produces a steady stream of leaves, flowers, bark, feces and dead bodies that fall to the forest floor. This litter is a constant flow of information about the state of the forest that is disassembled and analyzed by the microbial mat. Each bit of litter carries the information of its path through the system. The mat furnishes the input and then analyzes the output of each loop.

An important note: About 65% of the energy gathered by the leaves ends up nourishing the microbial mat. If you are familiar with the “follow the money” concept in economics you will notice that following the energy serves the same function in an ecosystem. The idea that this layer of decay on the forest floor was composed of scavengers that depended leftovers for their livelihood is not completely accurate. Not only does this microbial mat benefit the more from photosynthesis than any other segment of the forest, they were here first. It is as if the entire forest was created to build a beneficial habitat for the mat. As we go on, i will show that this underground network is made up of a system of control mechanisms that manages the forest ecology.

This is where the story of humanity begins. Science and religion agree that this was a turning point in the history of the human kind. The transition from a relatively carefree existence within a biological Eden to the harsh life of a hunter gatherer on the savanna undoubtedly took place. It is easy to say that the shrinkage of the forests was the cause, but there is more to the story. Beside human beings there were countless other species of plants, animals and microorganisms that also underwent profound changes during this transition. Long established symbiotic relationships were broken and new ones forged. We didn’t make the changes alone. We were then, and are now, members of a community.

Our story begins deep in the forest, immersed in a sea of information. Our every action involved an interaction with another forest species. All of our food, shelter and stimulation were provided by the forest. Then, for reasons unknown, the forests began to shrink.

September 17, 2010

So What?

This is a text version of the Flash Movie promoting my book.

All organisms alive today, plus the remains of all living things that have gone before, all the organic compounds, all fossils, all fossil fuels, all the biomass accumulated by this planet over billions of years, exists because information coded into DNA was accessed, read and acted upon by a cell. Before any one of those cells could grow, before any living tissue could be manufactured, before any polypeptide chains could be assembled, before anything could happen in ANY cell, DNA information had to be processed. Information processing is the very first act of Life.

“So what?” says the guy in the back. Good question.
What are we talking about… Information processing. The first info processor we think of is a computer. Our civilization is driven by computers processing information. What makes computers so powerful is that they represent a fundamental process. Everything we see in this physical Universe is the result of a process. So a computer can be programmed to mimic just about anything out there.
Information Processing Loop
A computer can do this because it processes ones and zeros, following the same basic steps as any process. It starts with input and processes that input into output. Our nervous system processes information from the environment and presents it’s output to us as consciousness. Both are information processing in action.

Okay, at the micro level, information processing is a pretty good model for how things work. When we take info processing to the macro level, we have billions of computers hooked together in a global network, each one cranking out billions of those process cycles every few seconds. Altogether they generate all of the content the internet is displaying right now, including this.

It has taken millions of pretty smart people several decades, to figure out how to build and maintain this incredibly complex network. In the process they have discovered a set of mathematical laws that govern the growth of networks in complex systems. They have found that these laws are the same regardless of scale or implementation.

That is, the rules are the same for computer networks, neural networks, cardiovascular systems, river systems, social networks, bureaucracies and just about anything that grows to move matter or information. All along Nature has been following the same fractal power laws that we have developed for the building of the internet.

So, the internet represents fundamental process, and a global interconnected system of processors, that mimic Natural systems. The language of information technologies provides a common vocabulary for discussing everything from Biological Systems and Evolution to Quantum Mechanics and Consciousness.

What we have here is a universal language that describes information processing and its networks in minute detail. This is the language of the 21st century, taught in schools all over the world. This is the language and model of process that we need to give us a common denominator for a unified theory of reality.

Once we start to look at biological systems as being information processors first, with protein production being secondary output, a very different picture emerges of their structure and organization. Come along with me while we explore this exciting territory.

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