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February 7, 2014

1st Radio Interview

Back to the Garden InterviewDid our first radio interview yesterday. It was on Jean Eisenhower’s “Back to the Garden” show on GMCR, KURU 89.1 Silver City Community Radio. Was fun.


For you locals the show will be rebroadcast Saturday morning, Feb 8, 2014 at 10:30.

We are talking about the Vortex Flow Compost Tea Brewer and it’s benefits. I forgot to mention that there is a 7 minute video that show how it was built and what it looks like in action, but then you regulars know that.
kuru_back-garden_jimJean at the mike
It was really great to be part of this new community radio station. Jean’s show was the first live show on KURU. She interviews local gardeners every Thursday at 4:30. A half an hour was barely enough to hit the highlights of compost tea and it’s benefits. I’m hoping to get back on the show to talk more about microorganisms in general and how important they are to the food we eat.
Anyway, checkout this new community radio station, on the air or online. Gila/Mimbres Community Radio, 89.1.

January 27, 2014

Compost Tea Brewer

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sunflower 011
Howdy folks,
I took a few months off from the blog, YouTube and forums to work in the garden and to continue my experiments with compost tea. It turned out to be an amazing growing season. Now i’m back to ready to report on it and get back to talking about Systems, Symbiosis and the Forest Goddess.
Here in southern New Mexico our decades long drought eased up with more than twice as much rain as the year before.
Welcome to the show. Today we are working with some of the same micro organisms that inhabit the microbial mat of the forest floor and our compost pile. We are building a Vortex Flow Compost Tea Brewer.

Vortex Flow Compost Tea Brewer

Building Vortex Flow Compost Tea Brewer on a budget. About the best thing you can feed your plants is compost tea.



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