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January 26, 2014

Yeah, i’m Back

Thanks to you thousands of folks who stopped by even though i didn’t post, but once all year. 2013 was a year for action and not much talk. I spent my time in the garden and various projects including building a Vortex Compost Tea Brewer. Got a video in the works on that subject.

By far the most interest over the year was for holographic subjects. Everybody wants it to boil down to one thing… it is a gravity/mass Universe, or it is an electric, magnetic, quantum, holographic, fractal, virtual, spritual or an information processing Universe. It is all of these things. You can’t stop with an Electric Universe. Sure it’s electric, but what are all those electrons doing? They are involved in a process, a quantum one that processes  matter as if it were pure information. It uses quantum fields that exhibit some of the same characteristics as holographic or coherent fields do in the lab. This is intelligence in the raw. This process makes intelligent choices at every level.

Consciousness, gravity and entropy are not things, but the result of a PROCESS!

Mo’ later,


December 2, 2011

Evolution as a Quantum Process

We are quanta. We are each individuals and as such we feel separate from that which surrounds us. However the billions of us on the Planet are engaged in an ongoing quantum calculation. It is waves of our human actions that impact the Planet, solving for survival.

A quantum computer has the ability to calculate multiple possibilities simultaneously. For example, to solve a password problem a conventional computer would try all of the possible solutions, one at a time. A quantum computer would try all possible options at once, filtering out the failures and finally settling on one that would be implemented, while the others would act as if they were never even tried.

Seems to me that this is a pretty good description of how our mind works. We consider many options, evaluating them against each other in a virtual space where the actions are simulated. We finally settle on a plan of action and do it. The rejected options act as if they were never tried.

So, each agent in our system is like a quantum bit. Each one is a multifunction unit that contains its own processor, operating system, input/output devices, memory and power supply. The problem we are solving is how to grow, reproduce and disperse among the other quantum bits that form our Universe.

The only way this could work is if the system “knows” what each bit is doing in real time. The system has to be aware of the progress of all of the options being calculated at once. This is the coherent, holographic, quantum field property of the physical Universe.

This is very similar to the idea of multiple universes, except they all exist in a quantum virtual reality, while only one solution is manifest. A quantum calculation processes all possible outcomes at once, assessing probabilities, filtering and sorting, until a solution is reached. Once implemented, the solution becomes input for the next wave of calculations. The system is always trying to predict and validate its future. It does so in waves of repeating cycles.

This happens in our version of consciousness. We humans are constantly predicting our immediate future. We are constantly calculating velocities and trajectories of moving objects around us, while we keep track of our own location and movement. Will that truck arrive before i can cross the street, or not? Other mobile agents in our system are doing the same thing. Neurons are quite capable of acting the same way. They are constantly predicting what their input should be and react when it is not as expected. This pattern of process repeats throughout Natural Systems.

Human beings are agents within the system and act like quantum bits. We are a great example of quantum computation. Take a task force attempting to solve a problem. Each member takes on the solution as a goal. Each member embarks on a search limited by what they see as the best possible solution. All members are in contact and share their ideas. They each choose the possible solution based on their perspective, while being aware of the progress of other possibilities. When a consensus is reached, action follows a single path and the many other possibilities vanish as if they were never considered.

In this model, the quantum process is consciousness in action. Just as we share ideas and reach conclusions, so do our neurons. So do the lactose intolerant cells of e.coli when confronted with only lactose for food. So do stem cells. And so does water, coherent electromagnetic fields, and plasma. All is quantum consciousness, with ours being a subset. Just as our subset produces a single point of consciousness from trillions of cells, so does every other subset up an down the scale. On the one end we have single cells endowed with a sense of self, while species, ecosystems and Gaia herself show the same ability.

What do stem cells, superbugs, dopamine neurons have in common? The common thread is that these cells change their structure in response to incoming information. They adapt to changes in the environment. It doesn’t require generations for natural selection to bring about adaptive change, cells adapt to the environment in real time. Natural selection tests the validity of the adaptive changes, but they originate at the cellular level. In other words, direction, purpose and goal oriented behavior are present and active at the cellular level. This system isn’t guided by blind chance, but specific targeted goals, like growth, reproduction and dispersal.

September 19, 2011

Probability, Uncertainty and Quantum Waves of Consciousness

The terms uncertainty and probability are mathematical concepts that do not refer to anything physical. Uncertainty is a condition of the mind. Whether the cat is alive or dead is only an uncertainty to the mind of an observer outside the box. To the cat and its fleas, there is no uncertainty. Probability is statistical, inferring the comparison of many events over time. Time is another mental concept involving a memory and something like an imagination that can plot a path into the future.

If it is true that Quantum Mechanics, “is the mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles,” and involves these same nonphysical, but decidedly mental concepts, how can we deny that QM is the very essence of intelligence? When we say, “That’s probably true,” or “I think so,” we are exercising our ability to imagine the future.

How is it that subatomic particles are engaged in the same kind of behavior? If subatomic particles are somehow connected to future events, it must be through some nonphysical process that remembers, evaluates and acts, very much like our own consciousness. The process is most certainly nonlinear, non-local, fully coherent and interconnected.

The model becomes clear when we view the Universe, not as an explosion, but a computation. The Big Bang becomes the Big Bootup, with no need to suspend classical physics for it to happen.

There is no paradox between quantum mechanics and classical physics if you consider one is the process and the other is the output. In the information processing model, the output of the quantum process is the physical Universe. The physical Universe is the expression of the current state of the process. The overlapping, nested and holistically interconnected quantum coherent fields represented by wavefunction, are the process in action. In this model it makes perfect sense that subatomic particles represent non-local variables, and could be collapsed by local interference.

February 2, 2010

Science & Spirituality

by Romik Kimor (videos)
Science & Spirituality – The Essence of Life from Two Perspectives: Dr. Stuart Kauffman & Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp

Quantum fields, biophotons as information that controls cellular process… good stuff!
This one requires a plugin.
This is on my facebook page.

Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp:

“Biological Systems are governed by the special
interaction of a coherent electromagnetic field (biophotons) and biological
matter. There is a permanent feedback coupling between field and matter
in a way that the field directs the location and activity of matter,
while matter provides the boundary conditions of the field. Since
the field is almost fully coherent, the interference patterns of the
field contain the necessary information about the regulatory function.”

April 1, 2009

While we are on the subject…

…ran across this today. It’s a good one! Check it out.

The Quantum Surrender of Science

Science, a once-paralyzed minority of yesterday’s evangelical world, has long last come to the pinnacle of its predecessor. Scientists, now modern day vicars of faith, don fact as surrogates for dogma in their indoctrination of the ever impressionable public mind. As if clergy of old, their methods of derivation remain sacrosanct outside of scientific circles, impervious to the same investigation they readily apply elsewhere. To question the possible defects of the system that produces the central truths by which we live is to question reality itself, for how well our world view has been prescribed by scholastic teachings of scientific convention. All of our lives we have been taught that the world is a predictable place, and where it is not, thereby a lack of information, and not science, exists. We have been told to hold our tongue and quietly shave with the Razor of Occam when faced with the complexities of the unknown. But, let us exhibit caution before we obediently lock ourselves in the edifice of science, for a house of verity built on a foundation of error is sure to fall. Truths, despite adherence to the rules from which they are erected, become little more than falsehoods under incomplete laws of construct. Heterodoxies Blog presents The Quantum Surrender of Science, a composition on the deconstruction of scientific axiom, which aims to usurp the primacy of science by means of its own dilation, as the progression of such institutions are to be understood as an evolution, and not as the doctrine of truth we have been made to believe.

The middle is the best part.

What is needed now is the persistent disposal of scientific models that are limited to reductionism, determinism and localism, to be replaced with new models that consider factors from both higher and lower hierarchical levels, as well as those that acknowledge the observer and the act of measurement itself on reality.

Models focused on the systems approach, understanding processes and their control mechanisms, will take us to an objective view of objects, a higher level of functionality.

But most of all, in our infinite trek for truth, our scientific models of tomorrow must not only remember to bring society and its educational establishments along for the ride, they must demand participation from the true unveilers of the infinite realities they seek to ascertain.

I agree, but can “science” really give up? They seem to be turning deeper into their contrived material fantasy world. Meanwhile, the pseudo scientists, new agers and witchdoctors are leaving them behind, ready to embrace Quantum Mechanics as evidence of the existence of a mystical realm. Unafraid to incorporate QM into their understanding and improve their performance in real life. Even if science gets their models right, it could be another century before they can put them to proper use. You and i can put this knowledge to use today.

Meditate on it.

March 23, 2009

Mind Beyond the Brain

One major misconception fostered by mainstream science that really affects their credibility is that “mind” is confined to the brain. The scientific community is so sure of this model that they refuse to even consider other possibilities. Locked into their boxes of logic, reason and math, in complete denial of a spiritual component, they seem disconnected from reality. Yet, they insist on trying to bolster their philosophical position by condemning all other methods for understanding reality. These childish reactions are not lost on the world audience.

Quantum Collapse

The concept of a purely physical universe is falling apart, (some might say shattered), by Quantum Mechanics. Even in the most respected bastions of logic and reason, the material approach to defining reality has uncovered its own limitations. However, they still want to keep the mind in a brain box, as if the evidence of totally interconnected, highly organized and communicating biological networks at lower(more primitive) levels, would not apply to the most advanced intelligence organ on the planet.

Let me put this another way. The most primitive single celled creatures, bacteria, worms, insects and neurons all learn and grow by exchanging information between individuals, species and environment. Information flows in waves of feedback through the environment, maintaining system integrity. To believe that the most sophisticated information processing organ around, the human brain, would be confined, separated or cut off from the environment and therefore denied use of this most fundamental of biological abilities, just doesn’t make any sense, logic or no logic. Unless you want to believe that the human brain was “dumbed down” from the rest of the system for a reason.

Restricting mind to the human brain would be an evolutionary step backwards.

Mind: nothing, but neurons and electrochemical reactions

It seems to be one of their primary assumptions that consciousness is a only a product of specific neural activity and therefore restricted to the brain. Electrical impulses, neurons and chemical reactions are thought to be the cause for consciousness, and therefore it is assumed that the mind cannot be active outside of a brain. Nonsense!

That’s like me trying to convince you that your cell phone can’t access outside information, because it doesn’t have a wire. You know better. You can call anybody you want and that proves me wrong. If you can’t make calls, (access outside information), with your cell phone, it is because you don’t have a contract, or you are out of range of a tower, or your battery is dead, or your phone is broken, right? Of course, if you don’t push the buttons, nothing happens.

The human brain is a far more sophisticated communications device than your cell phone. If you can’t access outside information with our brain, it is probably a user problem and not broken equipment. You don’t push the buttons, nothing happens. Precognition, telepathy, remote viewing, synchronicity and the rest are all features accessible with your brain. If you never take the time to master the skills necessary to use your built-in features, they certainly won’t work.

If the scientific community really wants to know why their credibility is so low,(about 80% choose superstition every time), they need look no farther than their absurd denial of “paranormal” activities.

What About You?

But how about you, personally? Do you believe that consciousness only exists inside the brain? If that is your belief, you are part of the minority.

That such concepts are nothing but superstition, is one of the things that education harps on continuously. By the time one has spent a career wearing that set of blinders, it seems to be true. However, the majority of world citizens believe that thoughts, emotions and prayers extend beyond the physical brain. It is no surprise to us that Cleve Backster’s plants responded to the death of the brine shrimp, or that people know they are being watched, or that prayers can aid in healing.

Personal Matter

I have said that i don’t expect “science” to overcome the inertia of its materialist, reductionist(soul-less) past, and embrace a holistic reality, anytime soon. But i really don’t care whether “science” ever gets it or not. My reason for touching on the subject at all, is but a hope to convince the reader that consciousness is a personal matter; not to be defined for us by institutions.

It can be interesting, and sometimes helpful, to understand what leadership believes, or wants us to believe, about a subject, but don’t forget that grain of salt. Their reason for fostering their beliefs on us has nothing to do with a search for truth, but for the exercise of control.

This view comes from looking at “science” as a subsystem, closely linked with financial, political, military, bureaucratic, educational and other subsystems, that control human behavior. Within that group, science is the closest thing to a conscience to be found. Without a spiritual component, science fails in this function. For the most part, the behavior of these groups has proven to be focused on accumulating wealth and not to be in the public interest, nor the interest of a healthy environment.

Rebel Researchers

Within this structure, there are individuals and groups that have formed subsystems, networks and associations that run counter to the overall reductionist, materialist belief system. It remains to be seen whether they will flourish within, and change “old science” into something new, or split off and form a new branch on their own. Either way, i see these groups as the foundation for the future of science. Until the current paradigm shifts to this new foundation, science will continue to misconstrue basic cognitive functions.

Your mind belongs to you, not the state. It is your responsibility to learn how to use it. It is too valuable a possession to let fall into the hands of the politicos, bureaucrats and money changers.

March 9, 2009

Resolving Uncertainty

What have we discovered in this journey through the system of Life? We have traveled from the smallest particles in the cosmos, past all the energy, matter and information available to us, right up to the Whole Universe itself, looking for reality. We have discovered that the Universe is not really solid, but consists of energy interacting with itself. Energy is always in motion. According to our best understanding, energy is conserved, that is, energy isn’t created or destroyed, but is dynamic, always moving and changing. All of this dynamic action follows consistent pathways that show a set of system wide laws, rules or protocols.

Natural Laws

So, we have only two elements to consider really; energy and the laws it follows when it moves or changes. Whether we consider those laws to exist outside of energy itself, or are contained within it, they consist of pure information. Our material universe consists of energy, organized by information we call natural laws. This interaction produces change and movement. On the macro level, we can use these laws to predict exactly where objects will be anytime in the future. It appears that uncertainty is very low at this level, making the universe appear to be deterministic.

However, any flexibility to adapt to change has to be allowed for within the scope natural laws. It should be obvious that the laws obeyed by living systems cannot be deterministic, but must allow for adaptive options. The uncertainty of the future must be resolved into the relative certainty of the present. That can only be done by making choices.

Intelligent Choices

We know that, at least in our own case, this ability to choose between options is a function of our consciousness. Regardless of the complexity involved, to evaluate options and make a choice, requires at least a rudimentary consciousness. Although it is true that conditional responses can be represented in code without consciousness being present, as in a computer program, code writing is an abstract process that requires much more “intelligence” than it takes to make simple choices. The simplest explanation is that conscious action is taking place at the point of action.

Now, if we can accept the fact that choices can only be made by some sort of conscious action, it leads to the conclusion that, anytime or anywhere within the system that uncertainty is resolved, conscious action is taking place.

Navigating the Future

We know that at the level of human existence the future is uncertain. We can see the future coming at us and we have the ability to choose our most promising path through it. We count on our experience to give us an understanding of probabilities involved in choosing our path. If we look at other levels of existence around us we see that uncertainty gets resolved in much the same way. We see plants and animals adapting to their environment by choosing options. Animals routinely make choices for food, navigation and mates. Some plants track the sun across the sky rather than simply putting their solar collectors in the up position. Tracking the sun requires memory, a feedback loop and and some sort of decision making process. Even the smallest single cell creatures move and change following rules. In biological systems, it is experience that makes the rules.

Quantum Leap

Now let’s jump to the tiniest of particles and look at how they behave. Down at this level the rules are different. Down here we can’t pinpoint where things are; uncertainty is everywhere. Particles appear and disappear, wave functions collapse if you just look at them and nothing seems real. How can such an inconsistent and unreliable collection of energy packets produce the concise material universe we know and love? Although the laws of Quantum Mechanics seem vague, inconsistent with classic laws of physics and even downright strange, they have proven experimentally to be the most reliable of any natural laws discovered by science. So, how do we make sense out of this seeming paradox?


The holographic model erases the inconsistencies and gives us a better idea of how it works. The position of particles within the atom are holographically linked to the nested fields of the larger system in which they exist. These particles don’t represent their own position, but reflect the current dynamic state of the Whole. In other words, the wave function, (all of the information pertaining to the state of a particle), represents the state of the larger hologram. The apparent uncertainty at the subatomic level is a mirror of the dynamic probabilities of higher(nonlocal) levels.

In this view, the flow of the universe is constantly resolving the uncertainty of the future into the past. Matter is the memory of that process.

June 4, 2008

Wave Function

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Originally i was going to mention wavefunction only as an example of the information carried by particles within the System. I’m trying to stay away from controversial details and focus on the broader concepts that have a high degree of agreement. However, the more i read about quantum physics and wavefunction in particular, the more convinced i become that these properties represent the holographic memory in action.

I can’t see inside atoms or molecules. None of us can see a wavefunction. None of us can see an electromagnetic field, coherent or otherwise. Using all of our physical senses we can’t verify directly that these things really exist. We trust science to describe these concepts for us. This gives us something to pass around and discuss.

Science uses instruments and experiments to build their concepts, leaving the rest of us to put their theories to the test in real life. I’ve been working from the other direction. I started with real life and i’m looking for the scientific concepts that fit.

I have found the System of Life to be intelligent, responsive and capable of will, intent and even humor. My life’s path has taken me through many experiences considered impossible by scientific standards. I also read a lot, and have found many other folks who have lived the impossible life. I have tried to find the scientific concepts that could explain these experiences. After all, science is studying the same reality as the rest of us.

I have also studied much the body of literature produced by the outcasts of science, looking for the same kinds of clues. The System works! It is not done by unfathomable technology nor magic. The System functions using nothing but natural laws. What i am trying to do here is point out the natural processes identified by researchers that could produce the results i see. I’ve been guided by information furnished by the System itself, through agents and channels not recognized at all by science. I have tested my model repeatedly. I’ve held it up to the window of history and the patterns match. I have found this information processing model to fit.

On the other hand, i’m completely dependent on the description of others. Wavefunction is a case in point. I really don’t have any first hand experience with wave function or any other concept of quantum mechanics. I have to go by what i’ve read and what people tell me. I am excited about it because the descriptions of the properties of wavefunction coincide with the needs of the LifeOS model. It is like a piece of the puzzle slides effortlessly into place. Maybe it is too easy. Time will tell.

As an information processing system, the micro units need to have memory. The smallest particle needs the capacity to manage information.

“A wave function or wavefunction is a mathematical tool used in quantum mechanics to describe any physical system.

The values of the wave function are probability amplitudes — complex numbers — the squares of the absolute values of which, give the probability distribution that the system will be in any of the possible states.”
Quoted from: Wikipedia

In other words, the wave function is a way of describing the properties of a particle or group of particles. The wavefunction contains information about the physical object. Wavefunction is an imaginary model describing the reality of an object. The spin, momentum and other properties are as real as we can test experimentally.

Like the wiki says, wavefunction is a “tool” we can use to describe what seems to be going on. What ever is going on, it involves something big. Those “probability amplitudes” are huge numbers when used to describe very tiny particles. When combined with other particles, the number of possible states grows exponentially. In the model we are building here, this potential represents an infinite data storage capacity. In this model, the atom, with its structure and energized particles, is a single holographic memory unit. Its input is the dynamic flow of interference patterns laid down by the Holoverse. What it stores is the
comparison between current interference patterns generated by the system and past patterns. When they don’t match, a refraction of the mismatch is projected holographically throughout the system.

Binary Switches

In a binary computer system, it is the state of the binary switch that holds the data. The state of one switch tells you very little; it is only one bit. It takes eight bits to make one byte, the basic unit of information. It takes a lot of bits to make useful information.

If you could get inside the crystal structure that holds the switches in a modern computer, and try to measure the state of one of those transistors, you would most probably cause the state of the switch to change. The charges that hold those switches in their state are so tiny that just touching them could switch their state.

That is analogous to the problem encountered in quantum physics. When they try to measure the state of subatomic particles, the state changes. If matter is a memory medium, as the LifeOS model contends, then this odd behavior of subatomic particles is just as expected.

Infinite Memory States

If we look at matter as the holographic memory medium, then the state of particles is the very heart of the process. In this holographic memory system, it is the state of particles that holds the information. The state of one particle doesn’t tell us much, but the combined states of all the particles within a system projects its holographic image, which equals the current reality of that system.

In our binary computers, there are only two possible states for a unit of memory. In this system a unit of memory should have a nearly infinite number of states.

It would also seem that there would be several ways that those states could be manipulated to produce instant processing of information. This is like the register of a cpu, instead of centrally located, it functions at the quantum level. It is like the structure of a computer turned inside out. It is more like a computer network, where each unit does its own processing, while the combined processing of all the units acts as if it were all one process.

The state of the individual particle is set by the harmonic of the hologram it belongs to. The state can be changed by local input, but it remembers the state it should be in and registers the new state as an aberration. News of that mismatch spreads through the system holographically.

In this view, the fuzziness of matter detected by quantum mechanics is not because matter is unstable or imaginary, but because it is made up of a memory material capable of an infinite number of memory states.

When we are looking at matter at the quantum level it is like looking at the transistors in a computer. Studying one transistor will tell us that it has two states and that the state is controlled by a minute electrical current. That information tells us nothing about how that switch participates in the system, or what it contributes to the meaning of the data stored there.

When we study subatomic particles we are blinded to the macro by the same micro vision. We can’t see the computer for the transistors. Once we look at the Whole System as an information processor, then the uncertainties at the quantum level make perfect sense. Instead of a binary switch on which to base our data processor, we have particles that possess infinite memory states, grouped into atoms and molecules that organize those tiny bottomless pits for information into super-mega giant memory banks that also process their info on the fly. What these memory banks remember is where they have been and what they have done, while keeping track of what they are doing and where they are going. The Universe processes information on a cosmic scale. This is information, processing itself, in an endless loop. It isn’t only that the Universe operates by feedback loops, feedback might be considered its primary function.

May 22, 2008

Light Matters

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Lets’s take a look at what modern quantum physics is telling us. There is really a lot of disagreement in that field, these days. There are several theories around, but they all agree on one point: matter is not solid, but made up of light/energy.

The evidence being that when they break apart matter into smaller and smaller chunks, they get to a point when the resulting pieces have no dimensions and no mass, but energy has been released.

Scientists tell us that the distances between solid chunks inside the atom are comparable to the distances between Planets in our Solar System. All matter is made up mostly of space. They tell us that it is the electromagnetic field created by the atomic structure that gives matter its appearance of solidity.

Matter is made up of energy. Einstein told us that, right? But that doesn’t mean that matter is an illusion. Solid is solid, for all practical purposes. That energy is wound in there tightly and it takes a major event to break it loose.

Everything is made of light. Well, isn’t that just what the mystic tradition has been saying for thousands of years? How about some credit where credit is due? It seems significant to me that one of the core beliefs in many religions and nearly everything occult has now been confirmed by science. Science doesn’t think so. In fact, science still doesn’t grasp the significance of their own discovery. They treat this news as if it were merely the source for a good trivia question and certainly nothing like the “core belief” in their model of reality.

Whether it exists as light or matter, the hallmark of this energy is that it is highly organized. This organization is the structure that keeps everything in its proper place. When this structure is broken, like when an atom is smashed, light/energy is released. In both states, enormous amounts of information are present. A beam of light carries its origin in its wavelengths. Astronomers use this information to tell a great deal about the stars, for example. To find the composition of a material, the CSI folks on TV burn a sample in a spectrograph to analyze the light. The wavelengths released by the burning object carry the information of what the object is made of.

And what happens when light floods a room? The light collects information from everything it bounces off of. It registers the color, texture, reflectivity, shape, and so on, and fills the room with that information. That information can be accessed by a proper light sensitive device, an eye for example, placed anywhere in the room. Slight changes in the room are instantly updated for all viewers.

So, given that matter is not really solid, what is that light bouncing off of? It must be bouncing off of electromagnetic fields, right? What we see is how the light scatters as it bounces off of nothing, but somehow it picks up all that information about color, texture, shape and broadcasts it. At the level of photons flooding a room, how is that information conveyed? Photons are surely small enough to pass between the wide gaps presented by matter, but they don’t, except when encountering transparent objects.

So light hits the electromagnetic field of the outer layer of molecules. The molecules are broadcasting their structure by the combined signal produced by all the atoms and their internal relationship. The light gathers this information and scatters it in all directions. The light that ends up in our eyeballs is carrying information, not from bouncing off of a shiny surface, but from encountering an electromagnetic field that broadcasts the notion of a shiny surface.

You have probably heard of water referred to as the universal solvent. Light is like the universal solvent for information. When that light is in sync, like a laser, its information capabilities become even more remarkable.

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