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September 11, 2007

Biological Operating System

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All creatures alive today, plus the remains of all living things that have gone before, all the organic compounds, all fossils, all fossil fuels, all the biomass accumulated by this planet over billions of years, exists because, information coded into DNA was accessed, read and acted upon by a cell. Before any one of those cells could grow, before any living tissue could be manufactured, before any polypeptide chains could be assembled, before anything could happen in ANY cell, DNA information had to be processed. Information processing is the very first act of Life.

Why is this an important distinction? Because information processing involves a set of concepts that are independent of the processing method being used. For one, there must exist a consistent set of rules or protocols that govern information processing within the system. This is called an operating system, or OS.

All living organisms follow the same rules for accessing and reading DNA code. These universal rules infer the existence of a biological operating system. I call it LifeOS.

April 7, 2014

Pitfalls in the Search for the Truth, Reality and a Theory of Everything

This isn’t just for those who call themselves Truth Seekers, but those of a scientific bent who follow the peer reviewed path.

What started you on your quest for Truth? Most likely it was when you found out that something you thought to be true was indeed false. (For me it was Santa Claus) That experience started you looking more deeply into some other things, and you uncovered more inconsistencies. The result is that you had to change your beliefs to match your new understanding.

I’ve been doing this for a long time. I was president of a group named “Youth in Truth” as a teenager. Now i’m in my 70′s and still searching. In all that time i have found, one time after another, that what i once thought to be true was instead false, all the while the real Truth was always just around the corner.

One thing that drives we Seekers of Truth is that we hate to be wrong. It’s in our DNA. We strive with every breath to be right. Where things seem to be wrong, we want to make them right. The problem with that is who determines what is right or wrong? That’s one of the first things a seeker must deal with.

The very nature of our relationship with reality is that we never see the real thing. We are dependent on the interpretation of the input from our senses. This interpretation, the criteria we use to judge input, is something we have LEARNED, mostly second hand. Our culture has told us what to believe, and we use those beliefs to judge. When we challenge the beliefs laid on us by our culture, we erode a little of the underpinnings of our own beliefs.

Truth: We are mostly expecting to find a thing we call “Truth”, an absolute reality that exists independent of our own human involvement. We expect that every subject can be reduced to this absolute core identity. However, the information, the facts we gather, have no meaning without a context, an interpretation that gives them substance. This context is a completely individual construct, taught and learned by clever, but not very wise human animals. This context is reality as seen by the individual within a certain cultural framework with no direct relationship to ANY fundamental truth. This context, the one both you and i work from, is a total fabrication. It is a world view compiled from highly questionable sources, mostly other seekers working from the same questionable sources. It is very likely that the entire cultural belief structure that has been laid on us is wrong. With that a possibility, the very best we can hope to do is to find inaccuracies in our own version of truth.

Although the search for absolute Truth is in vain, that doesn’t make it a fool’s journey. Although an absolutely true reality may actually exist, we have no way of observing it without using our nervous system’s sensors, filters, analytics and memory. Our nervous system provides us with a virtual reality experience of the outside world. Each of us builds and verifies our own version of truth starting in the womb.

That which we are most sure of turns out to be just another mental phantom. So, what you are risking by seeking a deeper truth is the core beliefs you count on to evaluate incoming information. You might think you are above that. Your enlightenment has given you a measure of that illusive truth, but enlightenment isn’t a destination, it is a pathway. And that path leads to the eventual dissolution of your core beliefs.

It’s like the levels in a video game, or the corporate ladder, or boiling water. When you step up a level, the rules change. At some level you will find that you must abandon your core beliefs all together. All those beliefs that once were your Truth turn out to be bogus. They are human trivialities that have no value at higher levels.

One of my favorite examples is the professional sports leagues. It doesn’t matter what sport, if it has a pro league you can be sure it fits this pattern.
We’ll start at the bottom. Kids learn to play the game, they learn the basics of the sport. As the levels get higher, the learning becomes more complex, but still is directly related to the performance in the game. Kid grows up, turns pro. Lots of things change at this level. There are contracts and money added to the mix.

Now the kid knows the game backwards and forwards and moves up to being a coach. At this level the rules change, new responsibilities and challenges. From coach he moves up to GM, a whole new ball game. Everything learned in the past is important, but the new rules change everything.

Somewhere near this pinnacle of success our sports hero will find out that all the sport, with all it’s rules and competition is really a front for a system with an entirely different rule set. This invisible set of rules trumps all the others. This rule set has been in place from the very beginning of the sport. This rule set was the reason the sport was organized in the first place. Of course this shadow benefactor from all sports is gambling.

Civilization has a similar shadow rule set that trumps all others. It is the reason for the existence of civilization itself.

If you have been raised in our western civilization, either with a science or religious background, just about everything you know to be true is in fact false. For example, we have been brainwashed into believing it is right and proper to rip apart our environment for profit. We have been led to believe that we are separate from Nature. We have been convinced that we must fight against Nature in order to survive. We have been conned into believing that human beings are special, either the descendants of the gods or the pinnacle of evolutionary progress. These fundamental beliefs translate into a screwed set of values and priorities. The result of applying these values is the mess we find ourselves in today.

So, if you want to stick to political, historical or spiritual truth, good luck. No matter what, searching for truth will eventually bring you face to face with the profound errors in your own world view.

After a while you may begin to notice that these lies all work together to extract certain behavior from us. These aren’t lies of misunderstanding, on the contrary, taken as a set of protocols, the lies fed us over the centuries show a coherence only possible with a deep understanding of “human nature”. Civilization demonstrates a degree of organization, coordination, consistency and yes, understanding not likely to be carried off by human beings.

So, who is at the bottom of this massive deception and what is the end game? Stay tuned.

March 10, 2014

Suda ~ The Painting Elephant

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Are we conscious enough to recognize the same in other animals?

Originally posted on All Things Connected:

Spend 15 minutes and enjoy this beautiful video. It is so inspiring. It may even open your awareness to a new way of seeing our amazing, interconnected universe.

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Are Animals Conscious? I Dunno—Are We?

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Just barely.

Originally posted on DogmaDrift:

A study published by University of Lethbridge Department of Psychology professor Jennifer Mather in 2008 proposed, in summary , that “cephalopod molluscs may have a form of primary consciousness”—that they are “heavily dependent on learning in response to both visual and tactile cues,” “may have domain generality and form simple concepts” and seem “aware of their position, both within themselves and in larger space, including having a working memory of foraging areas in the recent past.” A 2013 study by Mather and Michael J. Kuba summarized that the cephalopod brain “does not just have centralization of the molluscan ganglia but also contains lobes with ‘higher order’ functions such as storage of learned information.” The decentralized nervous system, “particularly in the arms of octopuses, results in decision making at many levels”; the cephalopod “is first and foremost a learning animal, using the display system for deception, having spatial memory, personalities, and motor play. They represent…

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February 7, 2014

1st Radio Interview

Back to the Garden InterviewDid our first radio interview yesterday. It was on Jean Eisenhower’s “Back to the Garden” show on GMCR, KURU 89.1 Silver City Community Radio. Was fun.


For you locals the show will be rebroadcast Saturday morning, Feb 8, 2014 at 10:30.

We are talking about the Vortex Flow Compost Tea Brewer and it’s benefits. I forgot to mention that there is a 7 minute video that show how it was built and what it looks like in action, but then you regulars know that.
kuru_back-garden_jimJean at the mike
It was really great to be part of this new community radio station. Jean’s show was the first live show on KURU. She interviews local gardeners every Thursday at 4:30. A half an hour was barely enough to hit the highlights of compost tea and it’s benefits. I’m hoping to get back on the show to talk more about microorganisms in general and how important they are to the food we eat.
Anyway, checkout this new community radio station, on the air or online. Gila/Mimbres Community Radio, 89.1.

Ever get tired of the consciousness smokescreen?

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Captain Self

You know, the thousands of articles, blogs and videos trying keep consciousness confined to the human brain. There are thousands of incidents of human consciousness bragging on how wonderful is the human brain as if somehow they could take credit for it. What an ego trip, human consciousness defining itself as the most wonderful and complex thing in the Universe, the very pinnacle of the evolutionary process. If western man is the pinnacle of anything it is arrogance.
If you have not decided for yourself that consciousness exists beyond your brain, and/or waiting for “science” to verify that it does, you might as well move on; you probably won’t be happy here. This is for folks who already KNOW from their own experience the mind extends beyond the bony brain case. Recent events have shown that science has been stonewalling on this issue since forever.
The recent censorship at Ted talks and Wikipedia of Rupert Sheldrake’s bonified scientific research shows the bias of the mainstream materialistic world view. The experts readily admit that they have no working definition of consciousness and yet they offer classes and even degrees in its study. They claim the high ground as the authorities  on the subject in spite of their admitted ignorance. They long ago committed to proving that consciousness is produced by the human brain and exists nowhere else, hence the smokescreen.
In the first place, it is the human subconscious that does all the heavy lifting. It isn’t the conscious mind that retrieves and sorts memories into a coherent display. It isn’t the conscious mind that combines the input from countless sensory organs into real time experience. It isn’t the conscious mind that makes decisions. Research shows that the subconscious makes our decisions before the conscious mind is aware of them.
In fact the conscious mind takes up very little of the processing power of that brain and even less of the activity of the total nervous system. That which is below the level of conscious thought is carrying on an incredibly complex list of activities that show all the attributes of intelligence.
What we call consciousness is the result of larger system process that includes the subconscious, all our senses and a system of memory and retrieval.
Consciousness wasn’t something we invented, it was/is presented to us, the output of a complex system of sensors and interpreters, that delivers to us a coherent, real time experience. It is our whole nervous system that cooperates to produce “experience”.
Behind the scenes it remembers past experience and compares it to incoming information to plan future growth. This entire system grows with the body, reflecting its interaction with the environment. Its development reflects how it is used.  Single cells behave in the same way, growing and learning through interaction with their environment.
Following this line of thinking, the chemistry and structure of the body and brain is the result of environmental interaction(consciousness) not the cause of it.



January 27, 2014

Compost Tea Brewer

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sunflower 011
Howdy folks,
I took a few months off from the blog, YouTube and forums to work in the garden and to continue my experiments with compost tea. It turned out to be an amazing growing season. Now i’m back to ready to report on it and get back to talking about Systems, Symbiosis and the Forest Goddess.
Here in southern New Mexico our decades long drought eased up with more than twice as much rain as the year before.
Welcome to the show. Today we are working with some of the same micro organisms that inhabit the microbial mat of the forest floor and our compost pile. We are building a Vortex Flow Compost Tea Brewer.

Vortex Flow Compost Tea Brewer

Building Vortex Flow Compost Tea Brewer on a budget. About the best thing you can feed your plants is compost tea.



January 26, 2014

Yeah, i’m Back

Thanks to you thousands of folks who stopped by even though i didn’t post, but once all year. 2013 was a year for action and not much talk. I spent my time in the garden and various projects including building a Vortex Compost Tea Brewer. Got a video in the works on that subject.

By far the most interest over the year was for holographic subjects. Everybody wants it to boil down to one thing… it is a gravity/mass Universe, or it is an electric, magnetic, quantum, holographic, fractal, virtual, spritual or an information processing Universe. It is all of these things. You can’t stop with an Electric Universe. Sure it’s electric, but what are all those electrons doing? They are involved in a process, a quantum one that processes  matter as if it were pure information. It uses quantum fields that exhibit some of the same characteristics as holographic or coherent fields do in the lab. This is intelligence in the raw. This process makes intelligent choices at every level.

Consciousness, gravity and entropy are not things, but the result of a PROCESS!

Mo’ later,


Manifesting the Mystic Morphic Field

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That’s what i’m talkin’ ’bout! The material Universe is the output of a PROCESS. Informational Fields manage that process. Rupert Sheldrake’s Morphic Fields meets Brian Whitworth’s Virtual Reality, Seth Lloyd’s Qantum Universe, Tom Campbell’s Big TOE, and my LifeOS. The Quantum World IS the real World… This one we have described with our mainstream science and religions is the illusion. I’m finding some good stuff over at Waking Times.

Originally posted on Tales from the World:

Manifesting the Mystic Morphic Field – Waking Times.

January 22, 2014 

Flickr - science - jurvetsonZen Gardner, Guest
Waking Times

There was an interesting article recently about researchers who found within the computer informational field what appears to be proof of foreknowledge of 9/11. The huge spike in chatter regarding the events immediately prior to the strikes is completely anomalous. In other words, it goes on to say, for it to be just a coincidence is next to impossible.

No big surprise. But what about this informational field?

They call this computer information world a type of “morphic field” or “information field” and it seems to be a virtual manifestation of the global mind. Not all of it of course, but the informational global mind, which at this point in history is a massive amount of generated information that’s accelerating by the hour.

Research in this field is also…

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March 20, 2013

Water as an Information Storage Device

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Water as an Information Storage Device

In the first view seconds Dr. Vogel makes the statement.

Water and crystals store information. That information can be passed back and forth between them. This isn’t just some wild claim, but scientifically proven fact.

December 24, 2012

Christmas Nightmare

I consider it fortunate to have had negative Christmas experiences from the start. It has given me an “outside looking in” perspective at the whole phenomenon. It also has made me wary of authority and what they pass out as truth.

About the same time i had this dream, my little brother was catching hell for leaving puddles on the floor. He was three. Then he caught more hell ‘cuz he tried to blame it on the kitten. My old man was livid. Telling the truth was a big deal to him. I even caught a little hell just for being in the room. So, when i climbed up in the garage attic and found the leftover scraps from the cowboy outfit my folks told me had come from Santa, i got pissy for a six year old. If honesty was such a big deal, how come they lied to me about ths Santa Claus shit?

The Benevolent Lie

“You’ve kind of suspected it all along, right? It always seemed like something wasn’t quite right. You believed that elaborate story they told you and now it turns out to be bullshit. You have a right to be pissed. That was the first time you caught them lying to you.

There is no way a fat elf with flying reindeer could deliver presents ’round the world in one night. But that was the first clue… don’t believe everything they tell you. You could end up playing the fool.”–Luce Gravel

There is more to this than just fabricated stories for children. In our culture lying is a way of life. Santa was our first lesson in lying for a good cause. I call it the benevolent lie. You can count the tooth fairy, the boogy man and Easter bunny in that class. Where does it end?

Does our health care system really promote health? Does our system of education really educate? Do the police really protect and serve the public? Are the courts really there to dispense justice? Is the government really of, by and for the people?

Once you start to face the lies, and question the authority that presents them, it becomes apparent that the con game is much more complex than it seems on the surface. U bin had!

Deceit is Natural

Look around you, deceit is a natural phenomenon that is basic to plant and animal behavior. Plants and animals spend a lot of energy trying to fool their enemies and potential prey . They have learned to mimic each other in color, shape, behavior and even pass hormones and pheromones. Plants go to great lengths to fool insects into participating in their pollination. These complex sexual arrangements are no accidents, but carefully contrived strategies designed to propagate the species.

Research into human behavior has shown that deceit is part of our baggage as well. Babies learn to deceive their parents at an alarmingly early age. Children and teens become proficient liars when confronted with the difference between what is acceptable behavior by their parents and what is demanded by their peers. Need I bring up the battle of the sexes to support my argument?

Supposedly our culture abhors deceit, yet rewards it at every turn. First of all, our culture teaches us how to use deceit in games and entertainment.

To be successful in most competitive games, the players are expected to use deceit of one kind or another. The player fakes one way and goes the other. The chess player, or general, feints an attack from one quarter to get his opponent out of position and attacks from another. In poker or bridge, keeping your cards a secret is essential and bluffing is a valuable skill. In other areas, we also admire the very best fakes and liars. We pay to see a magician who we know is going to fool us. Writers of fiction are paid to spin wild yarns that are expected to be untrue.

Heroes of fiction usually solve a crime or prevent some injustice by unraveling the lies and exposing the truth. However, in real life we find that this seldom happens: our heroes, mostly law enforcement types or lawyers unravel only the most obvious lies, so even poorly planned deceptions are usually successful. The ones who go to jail are often scapegoats, patsies, enemies of somebody important or simply shanghaied to provide slave labor. After all, privatized jails need to fill beds to show a profit. TV, movies and dime novels support the lie that cops and lawyers and judges are noble defenders of our rights and freedoms. That’s how lies get sold to the public, but it doesn’t make them true.

Some “system of justice” we have. Trials favor the best liars and cheats. Juries and witnesses are easily manipulated. Judges can be bribed. It happens all the time. The advantage goes to those most willing to con, intimidate, bribe and/or kill in order to win their case, in short, the criminal element. An honest citizen hasn’t got a chance.

In the news lately we see the white collar and political crooks getting off scot free, while the little folks get jail time. That’s if the big shots are caught at all. How many other “Enrons” are there out there? We citizens are told that crime doesn’t pay, but it does for these guys. Come on, look around. Between the honest folks and the criminals, who has the bucks and who is dirt poor?

The system is set up to favor the crooks. Even honest folks find that when times really get tough, there are more illegal options for putting food on the table than legal. Some of them aren’t really dishonest, but “protected trade areas”, like drugs and sex. The result is more lies and deceit.

Political parties hire professional actors(deceivers) to front for their causes. (Reagan, Arnold, etc.) It is no big stretch for them because politicians are actors to begin with. We know they just read scripts and are chosen for the ability to sell ideas, but we still get into the process. We just love to be fooled.

Advertising is “creative lying” designed to accomplish it’s singular goal: to sell a product. The public not only believes these lies, but the begs for more.

Government, religion, business and the media strive to project a certain righteous image to the public. If one spends any time in serious study of the reality of day-to-day operations in any of these areas they will find that they don’t even come close to that image.

Lying is a major activity for TV and movie characters. The “situation” in situation comedy is usually a lie someone has told that is compounded my more falsehoods until the “situation” peaks and the liar is found out.

Take history. One only has to study the histories of major world events from different countries or religions to realize that someone is lying.

This isn’t new. Some evil force is not taking over our souls. The Force has owned us all along. Just like steers in the open range, our freedom has always been an illusion. We work harder when we think we are free. Hey, we are happier when we think we are free, why not believe it?

The truth is that we have a very high tolerance for lies. We hear them all the time, tell them all the time and still keep this crazy self image of being honest members in an honest society. Why are we lying to ourselves? The culture we live in thrives on lies. We are immersed in that culture. How do we do it? Denial! We are blind and intend to stay that way.

The pious might say that deceit is of the devil and god is truth. We humans are learning the meaning of integrity and moving towards god. However, the Bible itself gives us evidence that deceit is part of god’s plan. “In God we trust” is a mantra to Christians, yet in the most important event of the Christian faith, Jesus on the cross, he says, “Father, why hast thou forsaken me?”

So, God didn’t tell his only son that he was to be sacrificed? Hmmmm. And we are expected to trust this god? Whom is fooling whom?

We couldn’t keep our sanity without a big dose of denial. We humans are caught in the middle between opposing forces. Until we identify and understand those forces, Life is just not going to make sense, and denial will have to do. However, the gods have given us the brains to figure this out for ourselves. It is important that we do. The survivors will have to.

So we’ve been betrayed, but we can’t take it personally. Deceit is just a tool of the trade in the Natural World. Our built-in denial keeps us from questioning too closely, so we keep some semblance of sanity and it all works as planned. When you know who the gods are and what they want, you will see that it has been a very effective strategy.

So, what is all this deceit and trickery meant to accomplish, and for whom?

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