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February 7, 2010

First Friday Fractals

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Had the pleasure of attending the First Friday Fractal show at the Planetarium, at the NM Museum of Natural History and Science, in Albuquerque. Wow! Jonathon Wolfe puts on a fantastic show. I saw one of his presentation in a classroom setting. Although the logic was the same, the impact of flying thru fractals projected on the dome, is something else altogether. What a show! It got me thinking…

One of the amazing things about fractals is that they produce patterns that we can see in Nature. We can see that Nature is using a similar technique to produce patterns involving matter and energy. How does that happen? Does Nature have a formula written down somewhere? Let’s compare the two, looking for the common elements.

The computer generated fractal phenomenon is purely informational. A formula is processed, and the results reprocessed using the same formula. The repeating patterns are the result of processing information. There is no matter or energy represented, only pure information.

A computer is processing pure information, nothing but ones and zeros. In order to compare the two we can look at Natural process as also processing information. Instead of ones and zeros, the Natural system processes atoms and molecules. It manipulates them to produce its fractal patterns in real matter.

The point of LifeOS is that information processing is fundamental, to the interaction between matter and energy, as well as to life itself. Fractals show that, without a doubt, the model of life as an information process is valid. We can assume the rules that Nature follows to produce its fractals exist, somewhere. They are certainly not written down in a mathematical formula, but exist in some medium, that not only retains the same relationship between values as the formula, but adjusts variables and even formulas, to suit the situation.

As shown in the magnetic cactus experiment, it is the magnetic field that adjusts the appearance of spines in cacti. It is the magnetic field in the growing tip of the onion that plots its pattern for growth.

Although reductionists like to jump on fractals to point out how simple process, repeated over and over can produce complexity, the fact that these billions upon billions of simple steps are coordinated to produce a specific outcome, infers a higher control mechanism is at work.

Networks in complex systems grow in two ways… hierarchical and scale free. In biological systems, these two options are woven together into networks that display both characteristics. Organs develope elaborate internal networks that use both types to accomplish their role in a larger outcome. Organs are connected to their peers and the larger networks through external, primarily scale free, type links, but include hierarchical elements, as well.

The coordinating element on all of these interactions is electromagnetic energy, expressed through fields. It is these purely informational fields of energy, distinctly nonmaterial, that guide growth, whether it be in crystals, biological systems or galaxies.

So, i guess this book isn’t finished, just yet.


February 2, 2010

Science & Spirituality

by Romik Kimor (videos)
Science & Spirituality – The Essence of Life from Two Perspectives: Dr. Stuart Kauffman & Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp

Quantum fields, biophotons as information that controls cellular process… good stuff!
This one requires a plugin.
This is on my facebook page.

Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp:

“Biological Systems are governed by the special
interaction of a coherent electromagnetic field (biophotons) and biological
matter. There is a permanent feedback coupling between field and matter
in a way that the field directs the location and activity of matter,
while matter provides the boundary conditions of the field. Since
the field is almost fully coherent, the interference patterns of the
field contain the necessary information about the regulatory function.”

January 23, 2010

Back in July

It all started with a minor dispute with my ISP. It escalated to me losing my connection, and having to close the bank account they were trying to suck dry, to get some peace. The peace was nice, and everytime i thought about spending money to get back online, something inside said, “Just a few more days of peace, huh?”

I got a lot done that wasn’t getting anywhere while i blogged. I rewrote the LifeOS manuscript from beginning to end, walked in the woods and read some books. Well, both the walking and reading, led to some additions to the finished rewrite.

Almost ready to publish! Here is a rough of the cover.
bookcover rough

Sorry, to those folks whose comments i didn’t answer. I am just barely keeping up with the current load.


June 24, 2008

Speed Bump

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Our journey has hit a speed bump… nothing serious, just great weather to be outside doing something. Then there has been another minor detour making the rounds of on-demand self publishing options. I only allow myself a few hours a day in front of the monitor… so much to see, so little time.

I have long been a fan of small press and self-publishing. It does my heart good to see how far the field has come with the advent of on-demand printing technology. So, i’ve squandered several hours of my computer time catching up on who’s doing what.

As usual, the big fish are gobbling up the small ones and this week’s choice for a small, dedicated to authors, self-publishing assistant, next week becomes a sub of some conglomerate. Best wait ’til the manuscript is complete before committing.

And beside, Free Will has generated some good discussion… seems like a good place to take a break. Thanks to all those who have joined in.


Then the weather has been great here in New Mexico. That is, we have had some rain. It isn’t often that we get any rain this time of year.

May 27, 2008

Wave Function Detour

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Writing a manuscript always takes some twists and turns. As the story develops it often surprises the author. I’ve come upon one of those interesting forks in the road that any journey is bound to provide. Part of the thrill of a journey is the unexpected.

It all came about because of Wikipedia and a discussion about the wavefunction page. If you’ve been following along you know that i’m painting in broad strokes here, and am not about to get bogged down in details. These folks are all about details and are trying to get this page right. The discussion ranges from whether wavefunction should be two words all the way up to the relevance of certain equations. I have no way of judging who is right or wrong, but i can surely see that the term means different things to different folks. A wavefunction is one thing to a mathematician and another to a physicist. It means something a little different in fluid dynamics. Even in physics, it means something different in classic physics from quantum mechanics.

What drew me to study the term was that it represents the information about the state of a wave system. What i’m looking for is the common ground, concepts that are common to all these views. Although factions disagree on the details of that information and whether or not it represents information only in the mind of the observer or information actually contained within the structure of the wave, they agree that the wave function describes a particular wave and its component parts.

That’s the scientific term for what i’ve been talking about here, the information present in all matter. The wave function is a static formula attempting to describe a dynamic situation. In the reading of the wavefunction discussion, i was taken by just how pivitol this concept is to the LifeOS model. The more i thought about it the more i could see that i needed to rewrite some earier installments to include the concept of wave function.

What brought me to wave function was the several paradoxes involving waves and particles, including measurment and the observer, and such. These paradoxes show problems with perception rather than some malfunction of the Universe. The theory of everything should not have these flaws in perception. Well, the LifeOS model pretty much erases these seeming pardoxes.

So, i’m backing off on the manuscript for a few days while i sort this out. Meanwhile, i’m willing to talk about it. Here is the crux…

In LifeOS, the Whole System, all matter is the memory of the Universe. It operates in much the same way as RAM memory in that the data is stored in the “state” of the recording medium, in this case a binary switch. This is how any recording device works, by changing the state of the recording medium.

Ok, in LifeOS the recording medium is matter and it remembers by altering the state of the medium. Holographic memory works like this. So in this model, holographic information is stored in matter at the quantum level, by altering the state of the medium.

In a binary computer sytem, it is the state of the binary switch that holds the data. The state of one switch tells you very little; it is only one bit. It takes eight bits to make one byte, the basic unit of data. It takes a lot of bits to make useful information.

If you could get inside the crystal structure that holds the switches in a modern computer, and tried to measure the state of one of those transistors, you would most probably cause the state of the switch to change. The charges that hold those switches in their state are so tiny that just touching them could switch their state.

That is the same problem encountered in quantum physics. When they try to measure the state of subatomic particles, the state changes. If matter is a memory medium, as this model contends, then this odd behavior of subatomic particles is just as expected.

In this holgraphic memory system, it is the state of particles that holds the information. The state of one particle doesn’t tell us much, but the combined states of all the particles within a system projects its holographic image, which equals the current reality of that system.


May 12, 2008

I’m back!

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Yes indeed, it turned out to be a long winter. Now where was i? Oh yeah… we’re on a hero’s journey to explore the structure of the operating system that reads and executes DNA code. 


Here we go!





August 18, 2007

Power Structure

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I’m in the process of moving all of my writing from scattered word processor and text files into “Power Structure”, a program usually for novel and screenwriters. So far, so good.



August 17, 2007

Just getting started

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Been playing around with this site, learning the ropes. Looks like it will work just fine. Got some work to do before i go public.



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