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February 8, 2012

The Jigsaw Puzzle of Life

jigsaw piece
My sweetheart and i like to do jigsaw puzzles. Putting one together is satisfying on several levels. We have fun.

I get an extra kick out of seeing the pieces as packets of information, also on different levels. The shape of the pieces is information that determines how they fit with their immediate neighbors. On each piece you have bits of information as brush strokes, lines, shapes and color, that also needs to match its neighbors. This is a separate level of information from the shapes of the pieces themselves. Both of these levels pertain to the assembly of the puzzle. When the puzzle is solved, the assembled bits produce a new level of information: the picture. The picture, in turn can produce another level of information by telling a story.

In the jigsaw puzzle we have levels of information woven together to support a system of encrypted data storage.

Atoms are packets of information limited to their connections by their shape. They also carry another level of information in their charges, spins and wave function, variables separate from the molecular shape. These internal variables are connected to externals through the laws of quantum mechanics. It looks to me like data storage with relational links, like a database.

There are infinite levels of information woven into biological systems, each one representing a web of quantum connectivity with its own level of functionality, the levels immediately above and below, and to all levels ever interacted with. It is a living breathing hyper-relational database that acts like it is a super quantum computer solving for the most efficient growth, reproduction and dispersal through adaptation.

That’s my idea of fun. =-)


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  2. HI Jim. Been a long time. Love your puzzle analogy. Design thinking at its best. Keep on truckin.

    Comment by carl — April 15, 2012 @ 5:45 am

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