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September 19, 2011

Probability, Uncertainty and Quantum Waves of Consciousness

The terms uncertainty and probability are mathematical concepts that do not refer to anything physical. Uncertainty is a condition of the mind. Whether the cat is alive or dead is only an uncertainty to the mind of an observer outside the box. To the cat and its fleas, there is no uncertainty. Probability is statistical, inferring the comparison of many events over time. Time is another mental concept involving a memory and something like an imagination that can plot a path into the future.

If it is true that Quantum Mechanics, “is the mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles,” and involves these same nonphysical, but decidedly mental concepts, how can we deny that QM is the very essence of intelligence? When we say, “That’s probably true,” or “I think so,” we are exercising our ability to imagine the future.

How is it that subatomic particles are engaged in the same kind of behavior? If subatomic particles are somehow connected to future events, it must be through some nonphysical process that remembers, evaluates and acts, very much like our own consciousness. The process is most certainly nonlinear, non-local, fully coherent and interconnected.

The model becomes clear when we view the Universe, not as an explosion, but a computation. The Big Bang becomes the Big Bootup, with no need to suspend classical physics for it to happen.

There is no paradox between quantum mechanics and classical physics if you consider one is the process and the other is the output. In the information processing model, the output of the quantum process is the physical Universe. The physical Universe is the expression of the current state of the process. The overlapping, nested and holistically interconnected quantum coherent fields represented by wavefunction, are the process in action. In this model it makes perfect sense that subatomic particles represent non-local variables, and could be collapsed by local interference.


  1. Uncertainty is a beautiful property of matter. There exists no life without it!

    The uncertainty in the cat state has nothing to see with the mind of an observer. In fact it is independent of the existence of any observer outside the box. As it is well-known now the dynamics of the cat is not described by the Schrödinger equation (as he believed) because the cat is not an isolated system but a *dissipative structure*.

    Time is another physical property, with well-established operational definitions and international standards used in sophisticated measurement devices.

    Quantum Mechanics is the mechanics (i.e. a physical discipline) of quantum objects. Quantum objects are not limited to “subatomic particles” and their non-mechanical properties are studied by other disciplines as quantum electrodynamics, quantum gravity, quantum thermodynamics…

    Universe is a physical system not “an explosion” neither “a computation”. Indeed, any computation is done over a physical basis (the computer).

    In the rest, the blogger confounds classical mechanics with classical physics; systems with processes, states, and variables; and quantum fields with wave-functions.

    Comment by Juan Ramón González (@juanrga) — September 22, 2011 @ 2:41 am

    • Howdy Juan,

      Thanks for the comment. It isn’t easy to get discussion on this subject.

      My point is that both uncertainty and time are concepts, mental tools that we observers use to describe what is fundamentally energy and its movement. To describe them as properties is to confuse the map with the territory. We are guessing that these concepts are accurate and/or helpful in understanding how things really work. Recent studies have made shambles of our old ways of looking at time… the speed of light isn’t constant, time dilates and turns back on itself. Attempts to explain it all in physical terms haven’t been successful.

      According to Seth Lloyd, who has actually built a quantum computer, the Universe is not just like one, but it IS a quantum computer. That makes matter the output of a quantum computation. In this case computation is used in the broad sense of a process involving steps. This view changes everything.

      What i’ve been attempting to do with this blog is point out the differences between the information processing model of the Universe and the purely physical one, and how i think the info processing model better explains our observations.

      For a more technical explanation you should check out Brain Whitworth’s writing.

      # Chapter 1.The emergence of the physical world from information processing, Also at

      Comment by insomniac — September 24, 2011 @ 7:26 am

      • Both uncertainty and time are physical quantities, which can be characterized and measured. Time flows without any observer near and the same independence is observed for quantum uncertainty. Physical quantities are properties of physical systems

        Seth Lloyd claims that the Universe is a big quantum computer. Not only he has not demonstrated this, but its idea is too naive since the very start. Naming computation to “the broad sense of a process involving steps” is just a change of name which adds nothing to the known sciences.

        Thanks by the link, but I do not find any concrete that would change my view.

        Comment by Juan Ramón González (@juanrga) — September 29, 2011 @ 7:54 am

  2. But these ideas need to be elaborated and substantiated with references, otherwise they might confuse the common student or even scholar because many have difficulty in accepting the ‘non-local’ and ‘non-physical’ side of things.

    Comment by rhodoraonline — September 28, 2011 @ 5:02 am

  3. Illuminating read, I’ll be following your blog now. (: I just wrote a post, albeit less technical or informed, on holographic reality and the communication of subatomic particles..

    Comment by kimberxinspace7 — November 11, 2011 @ 12:39 pm

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