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March 12, 2009

The Human Experiment

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From the beginning of this project i’ve tried to keep my quotes and explanations as simple as possible. I’ve quoted mostly from encyclopedias, dictionaries and wikies, sticking to popular concepts. I have been reluctant to quote from scientific sources directly for several reasons. For one, experience has taught me that it isn’t a good idea to quote people out of context. Many time i have marked an exciting quote, only to find later in reading the author that my interpretation of the quote was based on my own world view. It made sense to me in ways not intended by the author.

Lately however, i’ve come across several folks within the scientific community that are clearly working from a similar context. I think i can quote some of them without stirring up argument about what they meant to say.

In the book, “Programming the Universe”, MIT physicist Seth Lloyd says,

“The universe is a quantum computer whose computations are the movements of information that define the world we experience.”

Seth is one of the leading experts on quantum computing, actually having built one. I had never heard of him until a couple of weeks ago, but some of his stuff sounds like we could have collaborated. Not so, i assure you.

I interpret the above statement to mean the rules of quantum mechanics move the information we experience as consciousness. I don’t think i am stretching Seth’s intent.

In this same time frame i have discovered Nick Herbert, whose book, “Elemental Mind”, also sounds familiar. His take is that “mind” is a fundamental natural process like light or electricity.

There again, i am pleasantly surprised that the conclusions reached by these experts in physics are so close to my own. Mind, conscious and unconscious, are fundamental functions of information processing that control and manage activity in biological systems.

All Knowing Universe

The System is intelligent. It isn’t just clever, but truly all knowing. The Universe is the memory of everything that has ever happened. It knows everything about itself, but still has to maintain homeostasis. Like any complex adaptive system, variables must be monitored, goals identified, strategies devised and implemented to maintain its level of success.

Living systems grow, reproduce and disperse into the environment in an experimental mode, (sandbox), constantly testing new configurations against the results of all other experiments. The system learns to adapt to its own adaptations.

Observation, Planning and Action

The physical Universe is the memory of the process of It monitoring Itself. The process is observation, planning and action.

Just like ants and bees, we build to the patterns in our heads. We build objects out of matter, adding our spiritual metaphors to Universal memory. These objects represent our contribution to what the System knows about itself. We human beings are experiments that devise and carry out experiments on our own.

As we repeat the cycle of observation, planning and action, we learn. LifeOS is always observing, planning and acting; growing, reproducing and dispersing; creating, testing and choosing; in short, learning. The obsessions that drive our science and industry are not unique to human beings, but expressions of the fundamental intent inherent in Life itself.

Protected Area

So we humans have been put to the test. We have been given experimental capabilities. We are operating in our own sandbox. We have been given all the resources we need to be successful. The worst we can do is fail. It is up to us.


  1. Although (we) are playing in the sandbox it seems we are sharing the sandbox. And who’s sandbox is it we are playing in? The sandbox looks more like a litter box to me. This so called experiment is a perpetual cycle of control. Look at known human history. The same hybrid bloodlines have always had control and the upper hand, sacred knowledge if you will. Someone is interfering with the learning compution process here, maybe some kind of virus of sorts. I understand that in this realm good cannot exist without evil, but why is it that evil always has the upper hand. Is it that most humans will live the evil life for the desire of material realm security, because of the total amnesiac state of spiritualality a human is introduced to since birth? I am but a simple soul that observes. But as a human I feel rage. Betrayed by whatever maker bestowed these physical chains upon me. Apparently I voulenteered for this bullshit experiment. Never again. Fuck this realm and all that it stands for. Actual truth is held so tightly by a select few. Everyone elsre is just distracted by the bullshit put out by the few because they know no better. And what is of importance. A complete monopoly of disinformation. And the sheeple gobble it up. And the self distruction of the people that should be uniting. Human kind has no one to blame but themselves. Dispicable. Do we not realize that love is the only thing we have ever needed? Do we not realize that the powers that be know this andf do everything in their power to prevent this from becxoming our reality. Hate, greed, ego. All manufactured by you friendly global elite alpha draconian bloodlines. Welcome to hell folks. Its gonna be a bumpy ride

    Comment by j-ros — July 2, 2009 @ 2:41 am

  2. Do clone people feel & recognize Good from evil, wrong and right?, or they just act & learn to obey orders ?. Have you ask an adult clone this, or we assume? . To me human is human, and science can`t find where Good, or evil is located in our brain!. And If evil is in the brain!! then take it out ?, but that`s impossible!. Scientist say, that evil is just a bad “invisible” behavior in our brain. And we just do & feel invisible behaviors. At the end, we know nothing, and keep assuming. Ezekiel

    Comment by Ezekiel — March 23, 2010 @ 6:11 am

  3. you know its funny everyone complains about the god complaex but if dna or bionics could save their life by the experimentation of such they would run fly or get to said experiment just for that little bit of hope. my god what a bunch of religious bullcrap.
    i have a premanent dna malfunction and would sign up in a newyork heart beat for human experimentation if it gave me five minutes of extra life

    Comment by rayden nash — April 30, 2011 @ 10:30 pm

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