LifeOS: exploring the system that executes DNA

January 17, 2009

Instructions and Commands

Another thing that biological systems have in common with their computer counterparts, is that everything operates on an endless flow of instructions and commands. The cycle of input, process and output to a specific outcome, is consistent throughout both systems. Some don’t see the connection, thinking of only the physical aspect of the process, but nothing is to be learned from such a stance. DNA has been characterized as instructions, but there are much more dynamic examples of the process we can verify through our own experience.

In Command

Captain Self issues commands, the body responds by acting out instructions. The instructions in a biological system consist of learned behaviors. When new behaviors are being established, the captain issues detailed commands. As the process is repeated, commands gradually become learned behaviors. What starts out as a string of conscious commands become habits, or specific instructions to reach a targeted outcome. From then on, the captain need only specify the outcome as a command, and the crew does the rest. This is the same process we would use to build a simple program on a computer.

At any rate, this biological computer model means that our main operating programs also use a system of instructions and commands that regulate our day to day activities. We know it happens on the conscious level because we participate. However, it is quite obvious that all of the autonomic, subconscious and/or instinctual processes going on behind the scenes operate in much the same way. For starters, cells and even interior departments within cells are cycling through the same input, process, output to a specific outcome scenario. The well documented flow of inter and intra cellular communication via hormones, neurotransmitters and such, can be seen as simply information circulating as commands and instructions. Within the LifeOS model, it is not just these obviously informational components, but all movement of matter or energy that is essentially the transfer of information.


When you or i encounter a unique situation, one that we don’t have a learned behavior ready to deal with, we are forced to improvise. When we do that, we call on all of the resources at our disposal: memory, logic, inspiration and such, to provide the conscious mind with what it needs to select appropriate behavior. In matters of inspiration, it is the subconscious that does all of the heavy lifting. Some of those commands are queries, requests for information from the team. Those requests are processed, the light bulb goes on and the idea arrives, fully formed and ready to implement.

As i’ve said before, the subconscious mind is fully a part of the system. No matter what label you wish to hang on the source of your inspiration, it doesn’t matter to the system, the reaction is the same; instructions are supplied. The conscious mind can either follow them or not. When the conscious mind takes off on its own, it usually means trouble. We are perfectly free to choose even the most ridicules and/or destructive ways of expressing ourselves, and often do, but no matter what ways we choose, they consist of instructions and commands to be followed by groups of cells.


The instructions and commands that make up the behavior of animals are what we have called instincts. They are not exact instructions on how to fly, for example, rather a holographic memory of what it takes to fly, including all of the related balance and muscle coordination necessary. The memory is like a short movie of the interference patterns created by the dynamic hologram of flying. In a baby bird, the memory of flying comes from the two units of DNA memory that occupied the egg. Those two holographic strings of code represent the potential to fly. By the time cell division has produced the fledgling ready to learn how to fly, that potential has expanded to produce an information structure just waiting to be filled in with flight data. As the bird tries to fly, the holographic memory begins to fill in the details of how it is done. Each cell in the body has a copy of this, “how to fly holomovie” that plays at the same time. The first time a bird jumps off the edge of the nest, every cell is learning and recording what it has to do for the bird to fly. So, the vague holographic instructions grow into more complex instructions according to the life the bird lives.

This pattern of filling in the details in holographic memory is the same whether we are talking about the learning of a behavior like flying, or the growth of the skeleton, nerves and muscle culture necessary for flight. The fertilized egg contains a two unit expression of all the holograms that the animal needs to function. As the cell divides it increases the available memory capacity of all the holograms it contains. As cell divisions continue the holographic memory capacity expands as well. The growth of the embryo depends on the available nutrients and environmental conditions to fill in the holograms with information. So every cell learns what it has to do in each progressive stage, from stem cell to fully developed adult. The holograms needed to function, like breathing, circulation and digestion, develop quickly whereas flying can wait until the muscle culture is sufficiently developed.

More On-time Supply System

I’ve likened the human body to an on-time supply system. This system runs on information generated by all the participants. Each entity within the system orders what it needs to function by forming an interference pattern in its coherent electromagnetic field. For a muscle cell, if activity goes up, the interference patterns being created with each cycle of the cellular process begin to show a shortage of oxygen and fuel and an excess of waste. That pattern is instantly recognized by the larger coherent electromagnetic field as a need and fulfillment gets under way.

That interference pattern generated by the local coherent electromagnetic field occurs in the same medium as thought. Within a cell, that thought is very precise and focused on specific details of the field, and not the rambling process we use, but it is the same step in the feedback loop. This is the way every cell, every organ, every muscle group orders what it needs to perform the task before it. This flow of information is answered by a flow of nutrients to meet those needs.

Thought Power

The reason you have an interface, is to order your supplies and plot your pathways. It is your thoughts that control both. When you can focus your thoughts on your needs in the same way that a cell does, those needs are met with speed and efficiency. You can call it prayer, positive thinking or planning your future, doesn’t matter to the system, it will deliver.

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