LifeOS: exploring the system that executes DNA

December 4, 2008

Learning How to Live

Wetware Development

From the time an embryo begins to develop in the womb, it is learning how to live. As the wetware grows, its functionality depends on controlling factors that are analogous to software development. Throughout the growth process, every new capability of each new organ has to be learned. After all, each organ is a unique construct, built from available materials to a flexible plan that adapts as it goes. At first, the organ is too simple to function fully, but as it grows, it goes through a phase something like beta testing, where it practices being a fully functioning organ.

As organs grow and develop, their nerves(control systems) and functionality(process and behavior) develop along with it. The organ goes through a process of learning, by building and reinforcing patterns of its internal behavior. The growth and behavior are generated and stored together in the holographic memory. By the time the organ is fully developed, it has learned how to do its job, and is ready to go on-line.

Growing Memory

This same cellular level process that produces functioning organs is amplified by the integrated system of organs comprising the body, and continues after birth. Then the body begins to build a memory of motion and interaction with the environment, using the same holographic memory process. As the baby begins learning from social interaction, memory expands to include the behavior of others, stored along with the other behavioral info. When they start to appear, thoughts are added to the mix, likewise recorded along with the memory stream. Repetition reinforces the patterns of thought and behavior, and records them right along with environmental input.

Intellectual Learning

This same process of learning exhibited at the cellular and organ levels, is extended into our consciousness, and there becomes our intellectual learning process. This takes learning to a new level.

In this view, the intellect is not an emergent attribute, but the extension and refinement of a fundamental process. Learning how to live(adapt) is what LifeOS is all about.

DNA represents the current state of the art: everything the system has learned, stored redundantly, globally, and for the long term. The human intellect represents what the system has learned on the subject of learning about itself.


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