LifeOS: exploring the system that executes DNA

December 3, 2008

The User Interface

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Practical Information

All this stuff about a holographic network powered by waves of biophotons is great fun to think about. The implications are profound, but in reality, these are just theories. I’ve strung a bunch of them together as my way of describing the universe. They involve concepts that are dependent on a shared grasp of many diverse subjects, and therefore are easily misunderstood. Details can be a source of endless disagreement, distracting from the overall picture. From the arguments that i’ve encountered preparing this material, it is obvious that some folks are just never going to get this, and many more will think they get when they really don’t. For some folks, their ego is just not going to let it happen. Oh well.

In practical terms the information i’ve provided here may not seem to be of much help in your daily life. It won’t help you win arguments on the origins of life or the existence of machine intelligence. But once you have begun to see the environment as a system, it becomes apparent that the entire totality of one’s experience is a function of the interface between the system and the individual. It is through this interface that we experience, evaluate and manipulate reality. It is also obvious that our interface has been learned. It is therefore subject to error,(mis-learning) and revision. We can all benefit from improving our interface with the system.

User Interface

We are all connected to the System and each other through our user interface. In computer terms, the user interface includes the tools used by the user to communicate with the operating system. The monitor, keyboard, mouse and program being run are the usual things we think of as the interface, but speakers, microphones, cameras or any other connected devices are also ways the user communicates with the operating system and the computer itself.

In LifeOS there is really no difference between the user and System. LifeOS runs everything: our environment as well as our own physical bodies. What we have as individuals, is a point of awareness. That’s the one doing our observing, right now; commonly known as the ego. However, the term “ego” carries a lot of baggage, most of it negative. Here we are going to use the term “observer” to denote that part of self that feels like it is watching the scene before us. Our observer is a “point of awareness” to the system.

Point of Awareness

A point of awareness is necessary in order for a system to study, compare details and make choices. The sense of self is necessary for navigation. That is the understanding that the physical body is the vehicle that navigates the environment, but a point of awareness is the self within that self.

The LifeOS interface can be seen as any communication between the observer and the System.  That includes all of our senses, the dynamic hologram generated in our heads, our subconscious, our memory, our emotions and our thoughts. That is the information side of your interface. What your body actually does in the physical environment is the business end, your output.

Just as your body has had to learn everything it does, you have learned every mental aspect of your interface. When people who have been born blind, later have their sight restored, they have to learn what all those colors and shapes represent. It isn’t like they just opened a window and they could see again. They had to learn how to see. It is the same with all our physical abilities; they are learned.

Diverse Beliefs, Same Equipment

What else can this new view point do for us? First of all it offers an explanation for the many diverse belief systems found world wide. It explains how both religion and science can be right. Since the interface between the observer and the biological system is left completely up to that individual to build, any belief system will work as well as the individual establishes it through use. The interface produces a “context” within which our view of reality exists. That context is part of the definition of reality, as well as a template for behavior.

You’ve heard it before: you create your own reality. We have always had the power to create our own connection to the System, but for the most part, we have had it created for us by our culture. In our western civilization, the direct connection to this information processing system is through something known as, “spiritual practice”. Although science denies the existence of the spiritual realm altogether, it is not because they don’t, “believe in it”; they just use different labels for their sources of inspiration. Whether you call your inspiration “divine” or internally generated “brain” intelligence, matters little to the System.

Global Attributes

No matter what you see, it lights up the same kind of neurons in your brain as it does in everyone else. No matter what you believe, your inspiration lights up the same section of your neocortex as the mystic and the atheist. Your ideas are expressed by the same electro/chemical reactions as were Einstein’s. No matter whether you use a magic incantation or a scientific formula to relate to the System, you remember it using the same system of memory. No matter what labels we hang on the attributes of our interface, they work the same for all of us. However, if one fails to learn an attribute, its functionality may not be available.

The Sacred Store

You can get on down to the sacred store and buy into the ready made interface of your choice. You could go to college where you also buy into a ready made belief system. Or you can experiment on your own and build an interface that actually works for you. That’s what most of us do. All of the ready made interfaces are extremely limited in their value to the individual. The ready made interfaces were written from the top down, for the benefit of the institutions selling them. In other words, as a means of controlling their followers.

The truth is that each of us has built our own interface, taking a little from science, a little from religion and probably a bit of the occult for good measure. Sometime in our childhood, we mix it all together with something we call common sense, and decide what we believe and what our life’s path will be. We’ve made up our minds at an early age, and we’re sticking to it. Our beliefs are part of our interface and the foundation for all of our actions.

Universal Connection

It is true that you are in charge of your own connection to this universal network. However, it is operational, whether or not you know how to use it, or even believe in it. We are all connected. If you don’t understand how your connection works, you are at the mercy of those who do.

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