LifeOS: exploring the system that executes DNA

December 2, 2008

Coherent Cells

I like to think of the cell is the basic unit of this coherent field structure, but the more i read about the inner workings of the cell, it seems to me that the same system of field relationships is active there. This system of nested, overlapping and interconnected coherent fields acts individually and collectively to store, retrieve and manipulate information.

The Cell

The cell is an individual CEF that reacts with its environment at its boundary layer. The internal frequencies generated by the cell and the active genetic material, give the cell dynamic membership in countless other CEFs, nested within the main field generated by the whole body. When input interacts with an agent, it is shared holographically with all the other fields contained within the agent’s body, according to shared frequencies. In this way the information is sorted into departments, categories, indexed and cross referenced by all possible connections as it is stored in memory. All of this is happening in real time. This produces the sense of “now” that permeates consciousness. That sense of awareness, of being, is the final act of the projection, delayed by a measurable amount of time from reality. In other words, the conscious mind is the last to know; even decisions that the conscious mind is sure it has made for itself, are the product of internal decision making subsystems.

Seamless Interface

There are sound reasons for this. In order for the conscious mind to be able to focus on minute details, the interface needs to be seamless. All sensory input is filtered and processed before it is presented to the conscious mind. There are waves of information coming in from an amazing variety of nerve endings, each sensitive to its own narrow band of input. All of this input is assembled into a single, cohesive, multidimensional display, that the agent can reliably use to navigate and manipulate a highly complex and dynamic environment. That takes some time to accomplish; however, the conscious mind is unaware of the time lag. It would certainly be a distraction if it were apparent.

Even decisions made by the ego must be inserted in the process at the beginning, before the delay. The conscious mind decides to pull the trigger, but the decision has to appear instantaneous. So, the system makes the decision first, but delays telling the conscious mind until it is in the proper place in the sequence of events, making the delay invisible. Who’s idea was that?

Global Memory

The human body is composed of billions of cells, each one having an identical DNA molecule in it’s nucleus. The memory system uses the DNA to, communicate, store, manage and compare data to plan future actions and modifications.

Recent studies of humans with almost no brain at all who perform well enough to get by quite well in this society, and some studies on other areas indicate that there is no area of the brain consigned to memory. Rather it seems like different portions of the brain are established as processing areas for specific queries, that all use a global memory.

Guide for Growth

Conditioning studies with the lowly flatworm indicate that memory resides in the whole nervous system and not the brain. This can all be explained if we accept a holographic model for the “mind” that inhabits the body. The model says that the basic intelligence of the animal is in the cells. They have the will to live and carry out their mission that drives the total organism. It is cells that join together to perform higher level functions. Cells are growing to a plan. It is the same electromagnetic projection that the growing tip of a plant uses as a guide for growth.

Use It, or Lose It

The brain and muscles grow into the same kind of projection. Muscles, their control and supply systems, grow to accommodate patterns of use. Just as plants grow to a plan(projected patterns for future growth), muscle culture systems also grow to patterns of use that have to be remembered. Any weight lifter can tell you in plain language how the system works.

Studies of the brain show that it works the same way. Thoughts and related actions are stored by building of brain tissue and its supply and control systems. The brain is like a muscle, use it or lose it. Learning produces physical changes in the brain, just as exercise builds muscle. All this building is done to a plan that is electromagnetic in nature. This electromagnetic pattern is projected into the future at the cellular level. Thus the intelligent actions of planning and implementation for the future, are fully functional at the cellular level.

Who is in Charge?

We have this image of the brain passing out orders to the rest of the body, but in reality, the cells are the “brains” behind the organism and issue the global commands that translate into behavior. Our cells organize themselves into highly efficient organs that performs specific functions to maintain the system. The brain is a specialized organ that can override some cellular control in emergencies as well as carry out intricate tasks in apparent real time. The brain handles the difficult job of communicating information about these intricate tasks to other workers. Other than that, it seems like the brain is used primarily for making excuses for emotionally driven behavior.

The point is that the single celled organisms were here first. They have always been operating under a Plan. That Plan has not changed in essence, only gotten more complex in it’s implementation. The Plan is simple: grow, reproduce and disperse. The implementation of this simple plan involves intelligent action at the cellular level. Multiple celled creatures have developed complex strategies to accomplish these goals, all based on the ability of the cell to project expectations into the future. This fundamental process is active at the cellular level, working for the individual, the species, the local environment and the system at large.

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