LifeOS: exploring the system that executes DNA

November 29, 2008

Fields of Coherence

The core concept that holds the LifeOS model together is that of the coherent electromagnetic field, aka a hologram, hereafter referred to as, CEF. After reading several papers on the coherence of magnetic fields and the origins of the universe, it seems to me that there is great deal of evidence for our universe being fully coherent. If our current universe ever experienced a Big Bang type of singularity, where all matter was compressed to the max, it could be defined as complete coherence. Seems to me that the compressed universe would have to be vibrating as one, like a super crystal. As the universe expanded, coherence would have remained a fundamental property.

Waves of Feedback

The Computational Mind isn’t based on arbitrary numbers or a digital interpretation of the environment, but direct interaction with it through the holographic aspect of matter. We are not separate observers of phenomena, rather participants in multiple, dynamic feedback loops. When we think of a feedback loop, we generally envision a linear information channel, like the wire and thermostat. Actually, feedback involves continuous waves of information, from every connected source, regarding our interaction with the environment. Every movement of matter and/or energy within the system is participating in feedback. These waves are repeating patterns that are constantly being compared to the waves that have come before, in every CEF at every level. Their deviations produce interference when laid down over the past patterns. The interference causes ripples throughout the system, that identify its location, amplitude and other information about the deviation.

CEF as a Database

This CEF is like a faraday cage, in that it protects the field contents from outside electromagnetic interference. Input and output react at the boundary layer as if reacting to the entire field. However, the interaction at the boundary layer involves some sort of information management. Interactions don’t involve all of the information available within the field, but only a small portion. It is like the boundary layer responds to the input as a query and only selected information is transferred. This makes the field an electromagnetic entity.

A CEF as Pure Mathematics

Each CEF is a model for the Whole. The dynamic hologram that each CEF generates is a map to all of the possible relationships within the hyperspace it occupies. This in turn is a micro model of all of the possible relationships in the Universe. A formula could be written to describe any specific interference event in the hologram, but what the hologram does is describe the entire hyperspace it occupies in terms of the wavelength of its synchronized light. Essentially, the laser light bathes the CEF’s hyperspace in pure math. Any relationship that could be represented by a formula is intrinsic to each itineration of every CEF. These fields are nested, overlapped and interconnected by their membership the holoverse, as well as countless other feedback loops that carry specific information between discreet individual CEFs. It is all information flowing in all directions. The Whole is thus apprised of all relationships, from all points of view, all of the time.

A CEF as a Pattern For Growth

The growing tips of plants project an electromagnetic field in the direction they intend to grow.

Plants have to have a memory to grow. During the day they collect light energy and at night they turn that stored energy into new growth. If the plant is going to grow towards the sun, which they all do, it has to have a memory. The plant has to have a way to remember the path of the sun, and from that, predict where the arc of the sun will be in the future. It does so by extending the electromagnetic field of its current state, from its growing tip, towards the projected arc of the sun, as a template. You could say that the plant “imagines” how it needs to grow to get maximum sunlight the next day.

It also exhibits the very basics of awareness, to be aware of the environment, set goals and build towards achieving them.

Intelligent Action

You and i are subsystems that use thought to analyze a situation, set a goal meant to rectify it, then plan and implement action in order to accomplish that goal. All around us we see countless other subsystems that are doing the action thing, but we fail to acknowledge that they are also analyzing the situation, setting goals, planning and accomplishing, and in many cases, doing it more efficiently than human beings.

Goal oriented behavior is fundamental at all levels of Life. Even the smallest of creatures must identify food and devour it in order to survive. The same sequence of behavior must take place in the simplest of machines and animals in order to achieve goals.

The most efficient way to solve problems is at the point of action, where the individual interfaces with its environment. The farther away from the action that important decisions are made, the greater the chance for error. We find that to be true in human organizations of all kinds. Other subsystems are organized the same way.

That’s free will: the ability of the individual agent to make the final choice. Biological systems benefit from both good and bad choices by individuals, by keeping track and learning from all their experience.

A CEF as Operating System

Where is the operating system on your computer? On the hard drive? Nope, that’s just a static copy. The active version of the OS is in RAM, random access memory. You can’t look at it, only the results of its activity. The code that is active is invisible. In RAM we have a dynamic array of information stored in a matrix of binary switches. It is a very simple version of our CEF, in that it reacts to input with specific output. Just like our CEFs, it has internal instructions that control its output. Those internal instructions are compatible with the internal instructions that operate every other agent in the network.

It is the same with LifeOS: the active operating system is invisible, but we can see the results of its activity. This operating system is not in code that has to be read before it acts, but present in the structure and properties of living CEFs.

The kernel of this operating system is in every atom, a fractal arrangement of energy vortices that contain direction, intent and unlimited potential(uncertainty), guided along the pathways of highest probability by memory, continually plotting expectations into the future. Waves of expectation are projected on incoming sensory data, in a dynamic flow of imagination becoming real. This process functions at all levels of biological systems.


Consciousness is what goes on inside a CEF. It is the interface between the CEF and the outside environment. Its complexity is mirrored by the information it contains. The “consciousness” of a cell is only interested in its own internal affairs, therefore it would seem far too simple(primitive) a process for us to call by that name. We expect a great deal more from anything we would call truly conscious. However, in terms of systemic functions, manipulation of information towards specific goals, in harmony with overall goals and procedures, is being accomplished at the cellular level. This kind of intelligent action was going on long before there were any multicellular beings, let alone “intelligent” primates. Let it also be noted that biological systems have used these techniques(manipulation of information towards specific goals) successfully for billions of years, before mankind came along and screwed things up by forgetting the part about, “harmony with overall goals and procedures”.

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