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November 8, 2008

Molding Reality

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In our journey through the informational properties of light, matter, structures and fields, we have seen that information processing is going on at all levels of biological systems. For example, when we recognize the flow of blood through the cardiovascular system as essentially informational, we can see how the system creates and modifies physical reality through the activities of its agents.

The bloodstream carries information, and it also supplies the energy necessary to power the processing and the physical actions of the agent. It provides materials, energy, blueprints and assembly instructions, on time to countless cellular projects. Hormones, neurotransmitters, immune system cells are all physical objects that carry instructions between cells. Intracellular communications are vital to the system.

Thoughts are Things

Neurons are also known to communicate by means of invisible impulses and waves.  Neurons react to invisible incoming impulses by producing physical packets of information, in the form of neurotransmitters like dopamine. These neurons can be reacting to information from the outside environment, from neighboring neurons or from that wonderful thing we call the imagination. So, this is an example of thought being turned into physical reality. Thoughts turn into things as the very first part of the process. Thoughts(information), stimulate neurons to produce physical molecules that act directly on the mental/emotional state of the thinker, and indirectly affect behavior, resulting in changes in the environment. Thoughts become things is not just a new age fantasy, but an obvious functional element active in biological systems. Waves and impulses are converted into physical reality at all levels of living things.

It isn’t that thoughts sometimes become physical reality, it happens every time you and i think.

Cycles of Creativity

There are a couple things that we can learn from this simple view of biological processes. In the first place, thoughts and physical reality are not opposites, but parts of the same process. Thoughts form from observations of reality, while they flow into actions that result in modification of that reality. Information flows back and forth between the environment and its agents, switching mode from thought to reality, until a predetermined expectation is met. Then the neurons relax and the flow of dopamine slows down or stops. Attention shifts, and the process begins again.

Waves of Communication

Secondly, just the fact that neurons use impulses and waves for communication within the brain context, indicates that waves and impulses are used for the same purpose in other organs. Impulses and waves are not confined to cells nor organs nor individual agents, but flood our being from all directions. The Holoverse model says that all matter is connected through electromagnetic fields made up of waves. It is naive to assume that the brain waves we associate with mind should be unaffected by the flood of waves around us.

In the Flow

We are not isolated individuals in the physical world, but are engaged in a constant flow of physical information from the environment, in the form of nutrients, pheromones, allomones, allergens, pollutants, drugs and on and on. We have no trouble recognizing that, physically, we are like sponges that intake and filter all kinds of stuff from the environment. However, when we start to think about the human mind/brain, we want to think of it as an isolated organ that has original “thoughts”, unaffected by outside influences. Instead of filters to the outside waves, we think of our brain as protected by an impenetrable barrier. If this is the case, that the mind is isolated, it is certainly the only organ in all of biology that can make the claim.

We know for an undisputed fact that plants manufacture molecules that, when ingested, cause profound changes in mind/brain function that result in altered behavior. Is there any doubt that audio/visual cues can also cause chemical changes in mind/brain activity? Actions of others, as in mob rule or crowd panic, can surely produce altered mental states and behavior. Lest we forget, mystical states have been proven to alter both body and brain in measurable ways.

Tool of the System

From a systems viewpoint, the brain of an agent is a tool for filtering extraneous information, allowing the agent to focus on specific tasks. Likewise, the ego, equipped with the illusion of free will and supreme confidence, is allowed to operate independently, making decisions and taking action based on observations.

Thoughts are more than just things; they are like stem cells, universal things capable of becoming anything.

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