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November 6, 2008

The Brain as a Computer

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We want to go deeper into the computer/brain analogy than our surface observation that there are similarities. To say that the brain works like a computer may be a gross oversimplification. One way that a computer,(with programs) is very similar to a human brain is that they both limit the user to a narrow band of choices for any situation. The computer programmer decides what options to present to the user based on what actions may be needed during the specific task. The subconscious makes similar choices, presenting the conscious mind with what it deems appropriate for the situation.

Although we like to think of the subconscious mind as belonging to us, it really belongs to the system. We the users, also belong to the system, even though we are individual agents. As such, we are supplied with onboard intelligence that limits, organizes and prioritizes incoming data into an integrated three dimensional virtual model, consistent enough to be routinely mistaken for reality. We are indeed very smart animals, but it is the system that is responsible for that capability, not human beings. We have amazing abilities, for sure, but the system provides a similar integrated three dimensional virtual model, to every mobile species. It makes it possible for birds to fly and animals to run. This is the heart of the user interface.

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