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May 22, 2008

Light Matters

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Lets’s take a look at what modern quantum physics is telling us. There is really a lot of disagreement in that field, these days. There are several theories around, but they all agree on one point: matter is not solid, but made up of light/energy.

The evidence being that when they break apart matter into smaller and smaller chunks, they get to a point when the resulting pieces have no dimensions and no mass, but energy has been released.

Scientists tell us that the distances between solid chunks inside the atom are comparable to the distances between Planets in our Solar System. All matter is made up mostly of space. They tell us that it is the electromagnetic field created by the atomic structure that gives matter its appearance of solidity.

Matter is made up of energy. Einstein told us that, right? But that doesn’t mean that matter is an illusion. Solid is solid, for all practical purposes. That energy is wound in there tightly and it takes a major event to break it loose.

Everything is made of light. Well, isn’t that just what the mystic tradition has been saying for thousands of years? How about some credit where credit is due? It seems significant to me that one of the core beliefs in many religions and nearly everything occult has now been confirmed by science. Science doesn’t think so. In fact, science still doesn’t grasp the significance of their own discovery. They treat this news as if it were merely the source for a good trivia question and certainly nothing like the “core belief” in their model of reality.

Whether it exists as light or matter, the hallmark of this energy is that it is highly organized. This organization is the structure that keeps everything in its proper place. When this structure is broken, like when an atom is smashed, light/energy is released. In both states, enormous amounts of information are present. A beam of light carries its origin in its wavelengths. Astronomers use this information to tell a great deal about the stars, for example. To find the composition of a material, the CSI folks on TV burn a sample in a spectrograph to analyze the light. The wavelengths released by the burning object carry the information of what the object is made of.

And what happens when light floods a room? The light collects information from everything it bounces off of. It registers the color, texture, reflectivity, shape, and so on, and fills the room with that information. That information can be accessed by a proper light sensitive device, an eye for example, placed anywhere in the room. Slight changes in the room are instantly updated for all viewers.

So, given that matter is not really solid, what is that light bouncing off of? It must be bouncing off of electromagnetic fields, right? What we see is how the light scatters as it bounces off of nothing, but somehow it picks up all that information about color, texture, shape and broadcasts it. At the level of photons flooding a room, how is that information conveyed? Photons are surely small enough to pass between the wide gaps presented by matter, but they don’t, except when encountering transparent objects.

So light hits the electromagnetic field of the outer layer of molecules. The molecules are broadcasting their structure by the combined signal produced by all the atoms and their internal relationship. The light gathers this information and scatters it in all directions. The light that ends up in our eyeballs is carrying information, not from bouncing off of a shiny surface, but from encountering an electromagnetic field that broadcasts the notion of a shiny surface.

You have probably heard of water referred to as the universal solvent. Light is like the universal solvent for information. When that light is in sync, like a laser, its information capabilities become even more remarkable.


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